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  1. A sincere thank you to all who replied! It was a shock to me that after such a successful interview, the offer was as terrible as this. It almost hurt! But like you all said, if there were a few points to negotiate on, perhaps it would be okay. But there are too many flaws, and it makes me think they don't truly know the value of a PA (not just financially speaking). Thanks again! And if I get a reply fro them worth sharing, I'll be sure to post it here.
  2. Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some input from whoever is willing to shed some insight on an offer I received today. It's an outpatient IM position in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Mainly consists of clinic time, plus 3 half days at two nursing homes. I would also be on staff at the local hospital, but normally don't have patients there. It's M-F, 8 hour days. I would be on call for the nursing homes daily, plus two Saturdays/month. In addition, I'd also work two Saturdays per month. Offer: 4-5 year contract Base salary: 84,000 401k 3-7% after 1 year. 25%
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