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  1. Just received an email informing me I am in the top 10 on the waitlist, but they didn't specify exact number I'm ranked. I will be declining the offer to remain on the waitlist, as I will be attending another program. Hope that helps someone else out!
  2. Me. I haven't heard anything, but have communicated multiple times with updates. Kinda weird. I know they filled their class though and any ongoing interviews would be for a wait list. I've been accepted elsewhere anyway, so I'm moving on. Their loss.
  3. Just got the call for an interview that day too! So excited
  4. Is Wake still sending out interview invites? I haven't heard anything since I submitted my application a while back. I was going to send grade updates to the school since I've completed a couple of courses for Fall semester, but unsure if it is a waste of my time at this point.
  5. I was wait listed and notified by snail mail, which was weird because at the interview they said it would be email and that they no longer use regular mail for decisions like they did in the past...
  6. Just got an email that their application cycle is now closed, but that I was on in alternate interview pool. Weird considering I never got notification of secondary review. Pretty upset considering this was my top school and they didn't even give me a chance and not sure why they even felt the need to tell me I was an alternate for interview at this point, now that interviews are over. Almost made it worse. I was invited to some highly ranked programs and received acceptances. Just goes to show it's a numbers game. Congrats to everyone who was interviewed and accepted.
  7. I gave up my interview spot for 11/23-24. I was accepted to one program and waitlisted at another, both of which I’m more interested in than UT so I hoped someone else who is looking at UT could take my spot.
  8. Notified today that I was chosen as an alternate. I interviewed 11/4 for those who will ask. A little disappointed bc I liked the program so much more than I thought I would when i interviewed. I guess it’s better than a rejection. also FYI the decision came via snail mail which is a little weird bc on interview day they said it would be email and they no longer send admissions decisions by regular mail.
  9. wait listed here as well. Not mad about it! Honored to even be considered
  10. I interviewed 11/6 and they said rankings will go out March 1. Until then the waitlist is “fluid”
  11. I emailed to get an update and make sure I did not miss any emails about secondary review or rejection since I know there have been issues this year (I have yet to hear anything since my first email at the beginning of August that said my app as under review). I applied by August 1st (the preferred deadline). Karen responded within 30 mins with a very generic email saying they are diligently reviewing applications. I almost felt like they didn't read my email! Should I be concerned? Are they really still reviewing applications that haven't gone to secondary review? I expected to hear a rejection by now if they didn't want me to interview. But, I feel I'm a pretty competitive applicant! Still holding out because it's my top choice...
  12. That's good to know. Given that November is tomorrow I'm just concerned I haven't heard anything yet, but it sounds like they are still offering invites. Thanks!
  13. has anyone here not heard back either rejection or interview? I received an email 9/17 that me application was currently under review and they included a general application timeline. At this point should I reach out or are they still sending out invites?
  14. I heard the email problem was only with certain servers. What kind of email do you use? Also, when did you submit your application? I have been communicating with them about grade updates and they have been responding. But I have yet to hear about secondary review (submitted and verified August 1st). Should I email? I use gmail.
  15. Has anyone received neither a rejection nor an interview invite? I haven't heard a peep since my email back in August that said my app was under review and we would be notified in October. We're closing in on November and I'm wondering if any more invites will be going out.
  16. Hi! I got a phone call from Dr. Johnson around noon and I was told an email from Dr. Carter with info about making a deposit would follow. I haven't received the email yet. I interviewed October 17th!
  17. I was accepted! Just got the call. I burst into tears immediately. I'm going to be a PA!
  18. Congrats! When did you submit and when were you notified of secondary review?
  19. I’m in the exact same boat. I applied by their “preferred” deadline (8/1) and I have yet to hear about secondary review. If they didn’t like me I would have at least expected a rejection by now, though I’m a pretty competitive applicant. My last update I send them they responded “we are thoroughly reviewing over 1200 applications...etc” so it sounds like they are busy and in the process still. However most people here received a secondary review email about a month after applying which concerns me. I’m going on 3 months now...
  20. How often are they sending out interview invites? How many more "rounds" of invites do you think will go out at this point?
  21. I haven't heard anything good or bad...I was verified August 1st and nothing since. Not even a secondary review email. I have been communicating about updates on my application, to which they have responded. Getting a little nervous....
  22. Interviewing 11/24-25! I would imagine they won't send out rejections until after the final interview dates (unless you're a hard no), as people could potentially decline interviews up until the day of and they will want to fill those spots. I would strongly discourage you all from comparing stats. I have received interviews from multiple schools and everyone's stats are all over the place for those I have interviewed with. For the school I received a rejection from, I had better stats than some people on the forums that got interviews and worse stats than others that received interviews. There is a lot that goes into the selection process and you never know exactly what a school is looking for. Also, meeting minimum requirements doesn't mean you automatically deserve an interview. Schools look at the big picture. With that said, personal statements play a large role in interview invites for many schools, and that is a pretty subjective thing. Plus, you never know exactly the caliber of LORs other people are getting (or yourself for that matter if you didn't actually see what your recommender wrote)
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