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  1. Cool. Not sure...I emailed them asking if there was any way to find out because I need to book my flights. There aren't that many flights rn that are decently priced, so I kinda need to know!
  2. I will likely be staying at the Courtyard or Aloft by the airport (cheapest options). If anyone is staying at those places I would be down to share Ubers to and from campus for the weekend!
  3. How many people here are traveling from out of town? Almost all of the hotels in Chapel Hill are booked (apparently there is a UNC football game that weekend). Having trouble finding something affordable near campus. Near the airport is looking cheapest, but I think it's like a 35 minute drive....
  4. Hey everyone...just want to see if anyone has a similar timeline to mine. My application was submitted and verified August 1st. I received an email from UF confirming my application was received and it was forwarded to admissions committee for review on August 5th. I haven't heard anything from them since (other than responses after I've emailed updates). Anyone in a similar place? Based on other posts here I would have at least expected an email about secondary review now...getting nervous especially since I have other interviews lined up but UF is my first choice.
  5. Everyone interviews Saturday, but there are optional events Friday.
  6. Does anyone know what time the optional even starts Friday and when interviews wrap up Saturday? Trying to figure out flights. The link they provided with details just took me to the med school homepage...
  7. Nothing yet....at this right I may not be able to accept an interview with such late notice.
  8. I was submitted and verified 8/14 and received confirmation from Wingate that they received my application on 8/15. Has anyone with a similar timeline received an interview invite yet?
  9. That seems really weird....why would they wait and put us through that torture?! Feels like that is really stringing applicants along, especially for a school that starts in January.
  10. I received a letter in the mail that said "preliminary evaluation" and listed courses on my transcript and Augusta's calculation of my GPA and math/science GPA. Did anyone else receive this? Does it mean anything?
  11. Got an Got an interview invite! I chose October 17
  12. I still have not received my supplemental (checked my spam folder too). I emailed them yesterday and no response. Should I call UNC?
  13. Still haven’t heard anything and it’s been a week now. I will email them.
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