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  1. My vote is for MCP. It is long and clunky, but our patient's and the public will undoubtedly shorten the title and just call us "Medical Practitioners" which sounds much better IMO. We must get rid of "physician" from OUR title. And "associate" must never be implemented into OUR title. Tell everyone!!!
  2. It's rude to ask, but I am going to anyway. How much are they paying you?
  3. The majority of the radiologists I worked with got fed up and quit just before the pandemic. I stuck around and have been employed without any furlough or loss of pay/benefits this whole time while other PA's throughout my hospital and system have had hours cut/furloughs (EM and other specialties). I consider myself lucky. Several weeks ago the chairman gave me a 5 digit bonus for 2019. Today he notified me that I just got a 5 digit raise and said they fully intend to get me where I should be and was actually apologetic that it hadn't happened sooner due to COVID etc. He was very appreciative and that they highly value the work I do. I've been at this job 1.5 years. I now consider myself VERY VERY lucky and have somehow prospered through all this.
  4. I would ask for $200,000. You have 5 years of very well rounded experience that will benefit your team. You will catch problems and will have expertise in clinical medicine that the IR docs likely won't have. Wound care will be very helpful. My guess is that they will want you to do some clinic stuff as well? It will take you a year minimum to get comfortable with the procedures, let alone to be proficient. They may use that as a reason to not give you the salary you deserve. If this happens accept a lower salary until a training period is over then up to full salary. I have heard that pay is very good in Arizona. I know a guy who lives in another state but works in Arizona 2 weeks a month for the big bucks. You are moving up the ladder as a PA. You shouldn't have to take a hit to your salary. Especially in IR.
  5. Residencies in specialties/subspecialties with CAQ's. Mandatory/increased membership dues at National and state level with money going to PAC's.
  6. You would get OJT for an IR position if you had no prior experience. Likely from the other PA's if there are any. I have not heard of an established IR residency as of yet, but there absolutely should be. Definitely try to set up an elective IR rotation for yourself during your second year.
  7. I've heard so many physician say "If I had to do it all over again I would become a PA". Never once have I heard "If I had to do it all over again I would become an NP". Just sayin...
  8. Same thing is happening at my hospital. Managers coming down and asking nurses/MA's etc to clock out and go home. Reducing shifts and hours across the board. Covid -19 hasn't hit here yet. I'm salaried but am afraid my job is at risk as well. Ironic that I asked for a fat raise three weeks ago after a mass exodus of radiologists and I'm the only one left doing all the procedures. Working in a small private practice seeing outpatients would be scary right now. I know a handful of Bariatric surgery PA's who were let go yesterday. Small group who made bank on incentives/production. Here today gone tomorrow.
  9. There are many PA programs that don't require the GRE. Not going to class in PA school will get you kicked out FYI. An online program will be better for you it sounds like.
  10. Do you hang out at Dogpatch? Love that spot.
  11. I did an IM rotation with them. Very good group of APP's and attendings. I would expect this to be a very high quality program.
  12. Medical Practitioner. We don't need Care in the title. It's too long and redundant. Medical Practitioner!! Say it a hundred times to yourself today.
  13. IMHO it makes no sense to incorporate physician into our title. The title should be about US. And what WE provide, although we very much enjoy our professional collaboration with physicians. Medical Practitioner is the ONLY and BEST name for OUR profession. Associate is a weak noun with no real substance. Again, just my opinion. Happy Holidays!!!
  14. Hi Utah PA's. I applied for an ICU job a couple years ago and was told by a critical care doc friend that the ICU at Intermountain Medical Center was currently only hiring NP's. Is this still the case? I find it suprising that they advertise for a PA trauma/critical care residency but won't hire a PA. How is the current job market in Utah for PA's when compared to NP's? Is Intermountain Health Care(IHC) becoming less PA friendly?
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