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  1. I received an email for both. Same email, but they acknowledged both were received. If you sent it over the weekend I’ll bet you get a confirmation tomorrow.
  2. Great idea! I’m Angie Gilpin and cannot wait for next August! Ill be looking for a house or townhouse with a yard to rent because I have two rambunctious dogs from last years group it sounds like the Highland and Homewood areas are good? Anyone have suggestions on other areas to look?
  3. Got the call earlier today!! So excited! Congrats to everyone and for those still waiting, hang in there.
  4. wondering the same thing! Did anyone receive a call Wednesday?
  5. The final is set up just like the weekly quizzes; not proctored or timed and a fair assessment of what was covered over the 8 weeks. Really not bad
  6. Also received an interview invitation! November 1st afternoon session. Anyone else have this day and want to meet up the day before?
  7. Oh shoot! I couldn’t find anything about it on the website, but I must not have looked in the right spot. I’ll double check. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if they allow us to email admissions to update our application? I have accumulated more volunteer and shadowing hours and even though I've updated my CASPA, I'm worried they won't see it because I submitted in July.
  9. I'm finishing up Orgo I right now while working full time and it's completely doable. It's a lot of work, but like Synapsem mentioned above, if you get ahead and utilize all of the resources they provide it's really not that bad.
  10. The Genetics course through Doane starts October 13th and the last day to register is the 5th. It's an 8 week course. I'm currently taking OChem and it's completely doable. Like mentioned above, it is a lot of work, but I was able to get ahead 2 weeks (had to go home for a wedding and didn't want to do much homework while I was there), but the final grades won't be posted until the course is finished in December. Hope this helps!
  11. Did you reach out to Duke about your application or were they forthcoming about improvements at the time of rejection?
  12. Has anyone ever gone through the Veteran-PA bridge path at Le Moyne College? I'd love to hear some feedback as to what the process entails. The website doesn't say much about the process, just that there are three 'missions' where you can begin and I'm wondering if the process is any different than applying to other programs through CASPA. I'd appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks!
  13. Some schools don't have an ID. I ran into the same issue. You can just leave the ID part blank for the schools who don't have one.
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