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  1. So I have been accepted to a program that is ~55 minutes away on average with and without traffic, sometimes it can be as much as 80 minutes others more like 40-45. I am already moderately in debt from undergrad and will be taking out max loans for PA school. I am very tempted to live near school to save extra time for studying. I found a very cheap place that 15 minutes away from campus. Alternatively, I could continue to live at home for free and deal with the commute. My parents think it is a waste of money to move closer to school, although they dont really seem to understand the intensit
  2. I am waiting to hear back from my top choice of school right now(starts in spring '19), although was accepted to a less favorable school that starts this January. I'm guessing I am either waitlisted or denied as I interviewed over two weeks ago and it looks like other people from my interview group already got accepted. Should I call the program and ask what my status is and say I need to know soon? Or could that hurt my chances. I have a feeling I wouldnt hear back until I've already matriculated into the earlier start date, which if I got in would suck.
  3. When did you interview?? Sorry to hear about the rejection and good luck in the future!!!
  4. I recently was accepted to a school that is not my top choice. I am very grateful for getting in and will attend if I do not get in to my top choice. However, I was very surprised to find out that I owed a $1XXX deposit to save my seat in the class. This wont be a problem if I end up going here as the deposit will just go towards my tuition. BUT, this school has an earlier start date than most other schools and I interviewed and got my acceptance before I even had a chance to get interview anywhere else.(The other schools sent me notices that they would begin interview invites in early fa
  5. caspa submitted jun 14, usj received june 27, interviewed july 9, acceptance letter today!
  6. After getting the notice that my application was verified, I downloaded it to take a look at it. Everything looked great until I got down to the LOR section. There are spaces for each LOR and spaces for their occupation, occupation title, and organization. This is filled in by the LOR writers, I checked by creating a new evaluation. All the applicant fills out is the first and last name and email. One of my LOR's left everything blank except for their email and there was no way for me to check this until now... IDK what to do, should it be fine or should I contact caspa/schools? I a
  7. Thanks for the input, I wrote another PS that is very different than this one. I wrote this one pretty quickly and was curious about what others thought about a more honest PS. And yes, I am sure most people would not work if they did not have to. So you are correct in saying there are other things I would rather do than work in healthcare like I said, travelling, etc. However, if I have to work, being in healthcare is what I am most drawn to. If i was an ADCOM I would be sick of hearing about how everyone and their mother has a passion for helping people and would welcome
  8. Hey everyone, please let me know if anyone can review my PS. I have asked a couple people, but I think a total stranger would be better at criticizing it. I'd rather email it to anyone who is willing. Thanks!
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