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  1. @jer15002 We should be hearing back by the end of this week. They said 2- 3 weeks after interview date. However I'm not 100% sure since last year's cycle seemed to hear back earlier than this year.
  2. @mikaylap96 So according to the info sheet MCPHS provided , they won't get back to us until 2-3 weeks after the interview date. So I guess it's just a week or 2 more until we hear back.
  3. kathln1

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    @CantWaitToBePA According to the school email I received, interview invites don't begin until November.
  4. Hi all! I interviewed on Sept. 19 and I got accepted as well ! I just want to thank all the applicants that day for making my experience so comfortable and welcoming. I was the one all the way from California. ?
  5. Same here. Interview is on 10/4. Excited but nervous at the same time!
  6. So I don't know the exact date but I am pretty sure it starts some time in January 2019.

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