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  1. Timeline for future applicants: Hofstra received my application 6/14/2018. Did not hear back from them until 1/18/2019 that they are starting to review my cohort of applications and all spots have been filled, but were still conducting interview for a spot on the waitlist. Asked if I was still interested. Got another email 4/17/2019 stating that they still have not reviewed my application and was wondering if I was still interested. Received interview invitation 5/7/2019 for 5/13/2019, which I declined. I was quite disappointed to have paid an application fee only to find out that they would not have reviewed my application for ~10 months and spots were filled up. Also upset at the fact where they asked me twice if I was still interested. If I was not interested anymore, they would have disregarded my application and kept the money. **TIP: If Hofstra is one of your top schools, APPLY EARLY!
  2. It was for a March 27th interview date. I did not have any options.
  3. I got an interview invite today via email. They received my application August 29. However, I will be giving up my interview since I have already committed to another program. Hopefully that gives someone else a chance. Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
  4. They called and left a voicemail stating that I was accepted. An email followed maybe a couple days later!
  5. I interviewed on 9/24 and did not hear back until 12/18 (almost 3 months later). I got accepted but decided to attend another program. Good luck to those interviewing or those still waiting to hear back! Stay hopeful
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