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  1. I am also a current student and I have certainly not seen or heard of this. You will have a chance to talk with first years at your Interviews, we are happy to answer any questions! Good luck to you all! PA school is going to be tough anywhere you go, Duke has been doing this for a long time and they really know how to do it right.
  2. I had a flight at 6:50 after my interview and I made it! Traffic can be bad that time of day though so just hurry back to the airport. Precheck line was nonexistent when I was there, so you should be fine! Good luck with your interview!
  3. My application was complete in May and I finally got a continued consideration email 13 weeks later... I still haven't heard anything since then! So I wouldn't stress too much about 8 weeks :).
  4. If that's all the hours you have in total it might be worth it to wait until you have closer to 1000 at least.
  5. To everyone who was accepted, did you receive and official email or letter regarding how to pay and when the deposit is due? I know Dr. Baginski mentioned it when he called but I was so excited I can't remember what he said... I was in the second interview group.
  6. I would look at the specific programs you are planning to apply to and see if they have any requirements about where you take prerequisites. I also had to go back to school after my bachelors and took probably about half or more of my prerequisites at a community college. I have been offered 10 interviews and I have attended 3 so far with multiple acceptances and no one has brought this up.Doesn't seem to be an issue at all as long as you meet the requirements! I also researched hundreds of programs before applying and I don't remember coming across any that had an issue with CC courses. Hope this can be an encouragement to you! Good luck on your journey ?.
  7. Wow five interview is awesome! You obviously look great on paper! Hopefully one of those waitlists will turn into an acceptance! Your waitlists are likely due to your interview skills as you obviously have the stats to get into Pa school based on the number of interviews you were offered. Not sure if you've tried a mock interview but I know this helped me and was worth the money! I have attended three interviews at this point with two acceptances and one waitlist. I have a couple more interviews still to go. I prepared by reading "How to ACE the Physician Assistant school interview", I did a mock interview with a PA and studied up on each schools mission and made sure I had solid answers for why I wanted to go to whichever school it was. Once you make it to the interview they just want to see your personality and make sure you are a good fit for their program... also make sure you know yourself, what you bring to a cohort, and your application inside and out!
  8. Yes! You already put the work in, might as well finish strong! Dont give up! You definitely still have a shot ?
  9. Being yourself is the best advice! Everyone is super friendly and they really just want to get to know you! Good luck! ?
  10. I have received 8 offers so far, and they have all come in via email between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, so basically business hours! Try not to stress too much though, I was stressing myself wayyy too much about not hearing back, and it's just not healthy. It's still early in the cycle and there's still a lot that could happen before programs start! You got this! Good luck ?
  11. Just got an invitation to interview Oct 16th!
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