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  1. Being yourself is the best advice! Everyone is super friendly and they really just want to get to know you! Good luck!
  2. Lizli1

    Time of day for interview offers?

    I have received 8 offers so far, and they have all come in via email between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, so basically business hours! Try not to stress too much though, I was stressing myself wayyy too much about not hearing back, and it's just not healthy. It's still early in the cycle and there's still a lot that could happen before programs start! You got this! Good luck
  3. Just got an invitation to interview Oct 16th!
  4. Yeah I do meet the requirements, I talked to them before I applied, though now that I think about it I never got an initial email from them stating they'd received my application.... hmmm
  5. Huh that's strange! I am guaranteed and interview there and I don't have a date yet... maybe they are doing two rounds of Cmu alum?
  6. I'm a CMU undergrad and have not heard yet. Did you hear that from someone else who applied this year?
  7. Anyone who just interviewed willing to share about their interview experience?
  8. Lizli1

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Thank you! I am an out of state applicant!
  9. I think it just means they are still considering you for an interview! Your application is still under review. In my opinion this is like a step up from waitlisted for interview.
  10. Lizli1

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Also received an invite for 9/28.
  11. Just got an interview for sept 21-22nd!
  12. Congrats to those who received interviews! When were you all verified?
  13. Just got a continued consideration email after 13 weeks ! It's good to finally hear something!

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