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    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Hi! I interviewed 6/28. It was very laid back, especially compared to other interviews I have attended since. You arrive around 8:30am (but nearly everyone was at least 15 minutes early) and do some introductions to the faculty and staff members who are conducting the interview. I think we did the writing sample next, which only took 20-30 mins. Then, they call you one at a time for individual interviews with 2 faculty members (one person is actually answering questions and talking to you, the other is a scribe). Time was kind of a blur, but I would estimate it was about a 30 minute interview. I felt like it was very conversational and laid back. I felt very comfortable and think they value getting to know you as a person. While others are interviewing, you sit with the other applicants, some students, and staff members and chat/ask questions about the program. There was definitely a lot of down time at this interview (I think we sat for 2-3 hours while the interview process went on), but it was nice to break the ice with other applicants and get to know the program better. Then, you get a lunch with Dr. Auth (the program director) who is super friendly and clearly loves his job. Current students sit in on lunch and answer questions too. Then, we took a tour guided by current students, had a program overview session, and were dismissed for the day. I think I was done around 3/3:30pm. Overall, it was super laid back and the most comfortable/conversational interview I've had so far. Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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