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  1. I knew that email was good news!!! Congratulations!
  2. I definitely think it's a good sign they emailed you that honestly. I was waitlisted. Hopefully get taken off of it lol
  3. It sounds like they are leaning towards accepting you to me! Fingers crossed for you!
  4. That's very unusual. Are you sure it doesn't say you were waitlisted? If i'm not mistaken, if you have interviewed they waitlist you if you aren't accepted. I don't think they reject after interview.
  5. Would anybody that interviewed or is going to interview (for Miami) be willing to share your stats? It is very much appreciated
  6. Haven’t heard anything either. I think it’s too soon because they started reviewing applications 11/2. If I had to take a guess, the soonest invites will go out would be mid to late November.
  7. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted!! [emoji4]
  8. Just got this email. But I never got the email they’re referring to either. Anybody else?
  9. Maybe try emailing them with a screenshot of your course as proof that they’re in progress?
  10. “All applicants will be notified eligibility for an interview by Monday September 24, 2018.” This is what the email said.
  11. Has anybody received a follow up email confirming/denying them to be considered to Phase I?
  12. Fingers crossed for us three! I also got that email on June 1st. I guess they’re letting us know of a timeline so we don’t immediately assume denial
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