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  1. I did as well. They hosted another virtual info session yesterday and mentioned interview invites should be coming within the next month! Agreed with the post above mine, COVID probably had an influence, but possibly another factor is that they're a new program and did not anticipate some fees that they wanted us to be aware of now. To hopefully answer your question, @idau85, I would email them letting them know of your grade updates as well as send them your completed transcript if they require it!
  2. Could you let us know what they respond with? I'm also curious if this delays their accreditation visit in June.
  3. Sorry I don't have an answer, just wanted to say that I've been wondering the same! Hopefully we hear something soon
  4. Hi everyone! Regarding the two mini essay questions on the supplemental portion on CASPA; should we write two different essays? The two questions are very similar! "What made you decide to select EVMS?" and "Why do you want to attend EVMS? (100 words or less)"
  5. I can't confirm whether they've rejected any interview candidates, but in my rejection letter yesterday, they stated, "We regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you an interview or further consider you for admission into our Program for the incoming Class of 2022." So I don't believe they've started rejecting interview candidates yet... My best wishes to all of you still patiently waiting
  6. This thread is so kind and reassuring even though no news is good news so far, I'm a little worried- are we thinking that interviews/interview offers are over by now?
  7. I recently went to their open house session, and they said that they're working on fixing the issue. They will be able to find our scores once they do! Definitely send them an email though so they keep track.
  8. I've been caught up with extra classes I'm taking, a new job, and having moved to the east side of the state! Is it too late to send in my supplemental app? Congrats to those accepted so far!! So happy to hear!
  9. I believe they still do MMI. I went to an info session last year and the year before and have asked there!
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