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  1. I did too. It's weird because it looks like I've been assigned a Dominican email?
  2. It's 30. They mentioned going up to 32 but I'm not sure if this upcoming class or later.
  3. Hey everyone. For those that interviewed 9/21, do you remember if they said when we would be hearing back? I don't remember them saying and I totally forgot to ask.
  4. I received an interview invite today. There's a waitlist for 9/21. The other option is 11/2 and that was still open
  5. 3 days. My LORs and transcripts were already complete when I submitted my app
  6. I received an email to complete the secondary. This is the contact info they sent with the email: admissions@atsu.edu or call 660.626.2666.
  7. That might be the case. I didn't submit the graduate application by the initial date because I was holding out for the supplemental. I received the supplemental Oct 29th and then the email posted on the 30th. I was given Nov 8th deadlines for both
  8. The graduate and supplemental applications were extended to tomorrow. From an email I got: Greetings from the Wichita State University Physician Assistant Department! For further consideration in the application process for the Physician Assistant Program, the Graduate School Application deadline has been extended to November 8, 2018. Click HERE for more information about the graduate school application process. Applications received after the November 8th deadline, will no longer be considered. Thank you for your interest in our PA Program, we look forward to receiving your Graduate School Application. Sincerely, Wichita State University Department of Physician Assistant Office of Admissions
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