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  1. Received an interview invite for February 15th but I will not be attending. I hope this opens a spot for one of you. Also wanted everyone to know that interviews are still being sent out. Good luck everyone!
  2. Received an interview invite for March 4th but I will not be attending. Good luck everyone!
  3. I interviewed on 12/19 and was placed onto accepted pending open seat two days later. I have not heard anything since though, if that's what you are asking!
  4. I have decided to rescind my acceptance to the Miami campus. I really enjoyed my day at Barry and met some really awesome people. However, I got into a school that is closer to home and I also really loved. I am hoping that this opens up a spot for one of you Best of luck to everyone.
  5. From my understanding, yes! Looks like accepted pending open seat is pulled first and then alternate list from there.
  6. I received my official acceptance call on 12/12. And I got my letter in the mail this past weekend I am so excited to start this journey and meet my future classmates.
  7. I interviewed 12/7 and my portal just changed to show an accepted student checklist. I have not received an email yet but I'm praying this means I was accepted! Anyone who interviewed that day should check your portal for changes!
  8. Yes and I thank you for that! You have some really awesome experience and definitely seem very qualified! It really is a mixed bag haha. We're all just trying to function during the waiting game Good luck to you!!
  9. Oh, absolutely. I by no means was insinuating that graduating from an Arizona school would be enough. Sorry if it seemed that way. Congratulations and good luck to you!
  10. I am glad to hear of all these success stories. This makes me feel better. Congratulations and good luck to you guys
  11. Just received my invitation to interview. I will be there on 12/19 Looking forward to meeting some of you!
  12. Looks like that was for the class of 2020! I have not heard anything about a page for those of us in 2021 yet!
  13. Just out of curiosity... any NAU undergrad alumni who received an interview or acceptance? I have been hearing that they don't accept many students who have done their undergrad at NAU which is a huge bummer Hoping I am wrong!
  14. Can you share when you submitted and your stats? if you don’t mind? Please and thank you!
  15. I interviewed on 11/9 and will be attending the Miami campus ? I'm so excited to meet everyone!
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