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  1. Mrs. Davis seemed to be very nice during, pre, and post interview. I only brought a notebook that contained questions about the program. The interview was very straightforward so just be genuine with your answers and I'm sure you will do fine.
  2. I received the waitlist email a few weeks ago. I just recieved my acceptance email off the waitlist yesterday but I will be declining as I have enrolled elsewhere. Hope this helps!!
  3. Congratulations!!!! If you are attending please join the facebook group mentioned earlier in the thread. Congrats again!!!
  4. The Windsor Suites 1700 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19103 This hotel was beautiful, had a great sized room with a full kitchen, you can get a discounted price through Drexel (check one of the emails they sent you for the link) and the best part is...it is directly across the street from the Three Parkway Building where the interviews are held!!!! It is legit a 30 second walk!!
  5. Hello everyone, for those of you accepted that have not joined the Facebook page created by current Drexel PA students here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1918066358232564/
  6. I was accepted a few days ago. I will most likely be turning the offer down in favor of another program. Hope this opens up a spot for someone else!!! Good luck everyone!!
  7. I declined an interview invitation from ATSU recently so hopefully that opened up a spot for those who have yet to hear back since the initial email!
  8. Received an acceptance phone call today!! So excited! Waiting is the absolute worst.
  9. I received an email thanking me for submitting my application on 9/13 followed by an interview invite on 9/14.What's strange is that I was verified 8/04. Hope this helps.
  10. I believe those were the only dates available in their portal. Well at least when I signed up for my date those were the only available dates.
  11. That's awesome to know!! I was just invited to an interview today so thank you for the release of pressure!!!!
  12. Received interview invite for 10/2! So excited especially since this is the first real contact from any of the schools I applied to!! The static silence was slowly getting to me lol
  13. Hey, I emailed PAadmissions@drexel.edu and received the same automated email and then I received a separate response a few days later saying my app was still under review. So don't worry you should receive a separate email shortly!!
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