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  1. Hi guys, I had a couple questions since I’m not sure how to go about this process. So, basically I’m a rising senior at a university in Kentucky and I currently live in Texas. During my junior year I took the separate anatomy and physiology class and received an A in both classes. As I started to look at the course requirements, I noticed that some PA schools want the lab with the anatomy course. Unfortunately, my school does not offer the lab with the anatomy class. So, I’m wondering if it would be fine to take the combined A&P 1 and 2 online at a community college back home in texas whil
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if I should retake Chem 1 and 2 at the university I attend right now. Unfornately, I received a “C” in both courses. I’m not sure if I should wait till I graduate and take these courses at a community college or just retake them next semester. Does it look better if I retake the classes post bacc or while I’m still getting my degree?
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