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  1. I'm bringing a guest because i dont want to make the drive from Chicago by myself haha. Probably my dad or a sibling.
  2. Received an interview invite this morning too! Really excited!
  3. Congrats! That’s so exciting. How many people were there? And what was the interview format?
  4. Mine said that too and I was also confused.
  5. Just received an email an email about Casper!
  6. I was verified 7/18 I hope I’m up soon
  7. Congrats! When did you receive the email and when were you verified?
  8. Anyone receive an interview invite for the 6th yet? The waiting game is torture.
  9. I was verified mid July and haven't heard anything yet about interviews. From a previous post it seems like the next interview is 9/7, so I hope we hear something for that!
  10. Do you guys mind sharing your stats and when you were verified?
  11. Congrats that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you. What were your stats if you don’t mind me asking?
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