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  1. I think this could be for the MPH program that matriculated last year but I could be wrong. The email I got said they'd forward us the Facebook group invitation in 2019 (soon I would think).
  2. I’m in only the PA program and haven’t heard anything yet either.
  3. I just called because I've been wondering the same thing but the schedule hasn't been released yet. We'll get an email when it does (they didn't have an estimate for when we'd get it).
  4. Has anyone received information about the meetup the evening prior to the November 3rd interview?
  5. I just got an email letting me know that interview slots are full through the fall, but that if slots open up in the winter they'll reach out. I've been verified since May.
  6. I am a first-time applicant but I graduated in 2014 and have worked in healthcare (clinical research) full-time since.
  7. I just got an email for an interview on 10/2!
  8. Submitted 5/21 Verified 5/30 sGPA: 3.69 cGPA: 3.67 PCE: 9000+ as clinical research coordinator
  9. Personally that sounds promising to me. I was offered admission and passed it on because I ended up placing a deposit somewhere else. Maybe you'll hear something soon, it's still early. Good luck!
  10. It really was as relaxed as everyone is saying, they ultimately are looking to get to know you as a person. Be yourself, and you’ll be just fine. I just received an offer for admission this afternoon (via email) from the July 18th interview. Good luck to all with interviews ahead of you!
  11. Not yet! I think I remember hearing we'd get emails this year instead of only snail mail.
  12. Not yet - if it's still a problem tomorrow morning I plan to reach out.
  13. I'm not able to either. I removed two universities I took prereqs at so that where I received my degree would appear first, but when I try to reenter them I get the "a problem has occurred" page.
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