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  1. Just received an acceptance call from Dr. Bedashi but turned it down as I have been accepted to my top choice! Hopefully someone else gets the call soon!!
  2. I have decided to decline my seat of admission as I have been accepted at my top choice. I hope that someone from the waitlist will hear back soon!
  3. Thank you! PCE: ~4500 as a back office MA in derm cGPA: 3.7 and sGPA: 3.65
  4. I just received my acceptance call from Julia!!! Cant believe it! I fell in love with this school
  5. That’s so good to hear!! I interview tomorrow was the group interview an actual interview or more of an activity?
  6. Just got an interview invite in my email! I’m sure they’re sending them out as people decline
  7. I just canceled my interview date as I got into a school I loved elsewhere, so hopefully they'll contact someone soon for an open spot!
  8. Congrats to you!! I used the PA Platform's book by Savannah Perry which I felt helped a lot when preparing answers to the traditional questions. There weren't any curveballs and all of the staff and current students were super friendly and nice! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes or take a back up pair because the Tour did last ~1 hour
  9. Accepted today at 4:30!!!! So excited ! I interviewed 9/22 at 12:30 ?
  10. I thought they said 2-4 weeks after our interview date haha ? I guess we’re all in for a surprise!
  11. Everyone was super friendly! Be prepared with answers to the traditional questions that you can find in books or online, no trick questions
  12. When I was at my interview on Sept 7th, they had said that they have two more dates scheduled for sure. One in Sept and one in Oct. But they didn't specify when we would hear back after interviews and how many interviews total
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