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  1. Hi! Does anybody have any info regarding how may interview invites they send out in total? Or how many people were at one of the previous interview dates? Thanks!
  2. @beckendra Still trying to gain some clarification, maybe they covered this during your tour. Are we to infer if we received the email telling us to check on thursday that we will be getting invited to interview?
  3. Yeah its hard to tell whether that email means were all gonna be invited for an interview or if its a notification saying all interviews will be out by then so youll know if youre denied. Also wondering if time change has any effect on this as I am on the west coast, might have to get up early on thursday!
  4. Anyone have any info on how many people were invited to the interview?
  5. Did anyone not write the supplemental questions on their page in CASPA. On their home page it says they're not required. Or is that one of those, not required but better still do it kind of statements?? Just thought it was weird they would even say that.
  6. Did anyone get an invite to complete their supplemental? Are we to infer from the email that we will need to wait until november to know if we will get to submit a supplemental? Thanks!
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