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  1. There are now 15 people in the Facebook group so 21 spots left.
  2. Katie will send you an email with the link shortly. Congratulations on your acceptance can’t wait to meet you! ?
  3. I want to no say because there’s a total of is it 36 spots? I’m in the Facebook group and there’s currently only 12 members. There were 13 but someone must have dropped out due to acceptance into another program. So you probably have a decent shot. Wouldn’t hurt to call admissions though as well and ask.
  4. I got an interview invite oct 4th for nov 9th via email. RSVP’d yesterday.
  5. Not something I’m concerned about. I researched the program and called admissions before applying. As mentioned, on interview day we were told the way the previous director presented their stats to the ARC-PA was not done to their standards. They have since brought the original director of the program back and are taking necessary measures to bring their status back to provisional. The way I see it, there is no such thing as a perfect program. If a school’s accreditation status is very important to you, this school is not for you. If you value community (small class size), dedicated faculty, and learning with a holistic approach then you will very likely be happy here. Besides, this will not affect us as we will still be able to sit for the PANCE - We are matriculating before their next review in sept. 2019.
  6. I paid my deposit a couple weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything either just kidding! Got an email this morning. They said we’d hear more back just after the holidays as they’re still holding interviews but they did create a Facebook page for us to connect with each other ?
  7. I have not received anything yet and haven’t heard anything about a fb page. Is that something the school creates for each class or an incoming student is expected to create?
  8. I just received a package in the mail yesterday with a JWU folder with all info. $1,000 deposit due within 4 weeks of acceptance, a couple forms to be filled out and signed, a physical with vaccination info, and BLS certified verification.
  9. Yay so happy for everyone!! Can’t believe it’s only about 8 months away!
  10. I was called about an hour ago saying I’m accepted! So excited as JWU is my first choice! Best of luck to everyone ?
  11. Nothing today. Maybe they’re waiting a week instead of informing people today.
  12. I was actually thinking of trying AirBnB as well. As for transportation were you planning on walking, using public transportation, renting a car?? I'm thinking of calling as well for suggestions as to what previous students have done and inquiring about discounts.
  13. Awesome! I just got the email as well for august 10th interview! Looking forward to meeting you I'm so excited! Where are you going to stay for this?
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