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  1. I was also invited for an interview 11/18. I don’t live too far away, so I will probably try to make it too grand rounds as well.
  2. I was just invited for the November 8th interview! CASPA verified and submitted: 6/13 confirmation from Cornell: 7/6 secondary due: 10/5 - (had horrible issues with USPS and it didn’t get delivered until 10/10) interview invitation: 10/15
  3. I got an interview invitation today! Friday Oct. 26th yay!!! any tips from anyone who has had one already? and how many other interviewees are there?
  4. I think they’ve said through emails https://portal.mcphs.edu/
  5. Does anyone know when the last interview date is?
  6. Is there information about clinical rotations? Like what electives are available etc. Im having difficulty finding it online.
  7. No it still says the same for me, too. ? I sure hope they are still having interviews!
  8. I just got my secondary application today! ? I am so excited. I feel so much pressure on these essays, though. ? Does anyone know how many people get interviews that get secondaries?
  9. I submitted on 8/14 and received an interview invite 8/23 Hope that helps!
  10. I received an interview invite on 8/23 for Center City. I'll be going Oct. 30th. ? Still haven't heard from East Falls other than my application confirmation. Congrats to all accepted!
  11. As of 9/7 my application is under review. I have not received any type of correspondence since. Feeling anxious!
  12. They are still conducting interviews so I don’t believe so.
  13. I applied and received confirmation of my application on 7/6. Feeling pretty anxious that I haven’t heard anything else since. I’m worried my GRE scores might not have been high enough.
  14. That is quite helpful. Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK!!
  15. Hello everyone! For those of you interviewed/going to interview, how long after you were verified did they reach out to you? I was verified by CASPA in June, but I just submitted my application to JWU on 8/6.

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