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  1. So after getting rejected everywhere last year after a few interviews, this year I got an acceptance. I also have interviews scheduled and upcoming and was wondering if anyone could give me advice as I look to cancel interviews. I have 4 interviews coming up 1 of which I am certain I will cancel and am sort of unsure of the rest. I got into salus university and am canceling my interview with drexel because it is so similar that I feel there is no significant difference in any of the characteristics that I value in a program. Following I will have the schools I am considering and pr
  2. Not that I know of. So I just made one. You're invited to join my group "Salus 2022" on GroupMe. https://app.groupme.com/join_group/69345829/s8V0Cqdf
  3. No I haven't gotten it yet. I looked at the forum from last year and it seemed like they took a while. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. I've done terrible in interviews in the past. It's actually what kept me out last year. I really and I mean really prepared for this interview this time around. I used how to ace the pa school interview by Andrew rodican. I highly recommend it. All my answers were my own and I definitely tailored my whole interview towards my strengths but that book just helped me frame the way that I answered questions in the interview and frame the way that I look at the interview process itself. In short it's about them it's not about you. Also look at their website and try to find the qualitie
  5. I got an acceptance email today. After applying last year and not getting in its an incredible feeling. Interviewed July 7
  6. I have an interview scheduled for next wensday in the original email it notes there will be a mandatory program overview a day or 2 before the interview I dont see a link to it or any date or time for it has anyone else had this issue. I will be contacting them Monday to discuss
  7. I was super careful i told everyone in my family what was going on it was my aunt that just randomly happened to walk in. She was texted and informed not to do so but she didn't have her phone. I suppose we make plans and God laughs. I was pretty mad though because I did try to take every precaution to avoid this situation.
  8. I had a family member walk in on me in the middle of casper snapshot asking to use my phone I got distracted and one of my answers was horrible as a result. I am so mad and so frustrated. How bad will this reflect on me
  9. I am extremely confused i went into ets and sent my gre scores to Mississippi College putting in both the program code and 0634 as the department code for physician assistant then I got the email listed below. I did it like this for all of my programs. Is this incorrect do I need to resend gre scores to all my programs
  10. I very stupidly forgot to add the email of my supervisor for my only volunteer activity. Is this a big deal or not so much. I cant do anything about it now irregardless. Also her phone number isn't on their either
  11. I did, I got 3 interviews albeit 1 of those was after I originally got rejected and they burned through the entire waitlist likely due to covid. This was with applying to 9 schools although I prefer to think of it as 3 interviews with 7 applications because 3 of those applications went to the same school with just different campus locations. I also did apply sort of late (July 25th).
  12. After getting rejected last cycle in December I've spent the last few months scrambling to significantly improve my application in the last few months I jave been feeling burnt out as of late however and would kind of like to just work for awhile as I have been working a full time job volunteering, shadowing, and taking classes for qma. But will I regret taking my foot off the petal u keep thinking what if an extra 20 hours of shadowing would make a difference in this upcoming cycle? Could I live with that? I am applying to roughly 15 schools where I am competitive with previously
  13. I am a prepa that has been looking at hshp but considering how competitive it is i am planning on not getting it although I will still apply I have also seen that some military branches offer 40,000$/yr loan repayment My question is how dangerous are the branches of the military for pas what is active deployment like and with a lower salary than you would get at a civilian job is this option even financially worthwhile More about my situation I have no debt from undergrad and have saved up 12k and could probably save up 20k+ by the time I get into school b
  14. Update: my interview ended at noon today and I feel as though it went fairly well. One interviewer did mention that my essay had grammar mistakes though and I had no idea what she was talking about because I ran my essay through gramercy. She said that there were capitalization errors and I apologized explained that I spent alot of time on it and ran it through gramarly. Even after looking at it again I can't find the errors she was talking about. I don't know if this was an effort to screw with me? I also feel as though my odds of getting in are dwindling as it is now 4 and they told us they
  15. There is a group discussion so I am assuming I am not the only one they are considering but maybe it will be a little less competitive because some of the best applicants have already gotten in other schools and its super short notice so maybe some people won't see the email or respond. Then again it may be harder if there's a bunch of people competing for one spot. I'm not sure how easy or hard it's gonna be to get an acceptance call but I guess all I can do is my best.
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