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  1. Was accepted off the waitlist! There's hope!
  2. Has anyone who interviewed on 9/26 heard back?
  3. Did anyone with "I met all the minimum requirements" e-mail get a rejection?
  4. Have you heard back? Sounds like it's past 3 weeks ?
  5. Has anyone with a "continued consideration" e-mail heard back regarding their application?
  6. Same. Has anyone called in about this?
  7. I received a complete status a few days after I submitted payment for the supplement. The e-mail saying application materials were received was sent prior to paying the supplemental fee.
  8. Was your position as a professional athlete more of a job, or just a leisure activity? If it was a job I would but it in non-healthcare employment. If not I would put it in extracurriculars. Put the name of the company as the organization you were affiliated with as an athlete. For instance, in my extracurriculars I was a varsity college athlete. I put the organization as the university and the supervisor as the head coach. I calculated my time by considering how many hours per week we practiced and multiplied that by the weeks of pre-season and semesters I was involved. I did not include
  9. As I am formatting my experience in the CASPA I am unsure about what to put for the Title under the Experience details. Would I say my title is Job Shadow? It is already clear from the way I am classifying my experience that it's a shadow experience, but in my role I was just volunteering shadowing a PA. What did you put? What is your advice?
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