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  1. You and me both! Good luck to everyone as well and I hope we'll all be hearing some good news this week *fingers crossed*
  2. ACCEPTED FROM THE 11/30 INTERVIEW!!! Wow the turnaround time was so quick I was kinda shocked -- but congrats to everyone else who got accepted!! I'm sooooo excited!
  3. Anyone who has interviewed so far - can you provide some insight on what the structure/format of the interview was like? Also, around what time did you guys finish up? I have a flight to catch early that evening so I just wanted to check!
  4. Interviewing in a couple weeks - any tips/advice that you can give us on how to do well in terms of meeting Cornell's expectations?? @mdiemert
  5. Anyone know how many spots have been filled so far for this upcoming class? @mdiemert
  6. Just got an interview for November 29th! I'm so excited ?
  7. Just received the invite to fill out the secondary application today!
  8. Anyone who has interviewed in Miami already - can you provide some insight on what the interview process was like!? Aka the interview structure, the kinda questions they asked, the schedule for the day, etc. Anything would be super helpful!!
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