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  1. I interviewed in July and got accepted December 14th, so I waited a long time! Haha
  2. I just got accepted off the waitlist for the NUMC program! Anyone else accepted know if there is a Facebook group or something?
  3. At the interview she mentioned that it would be at least 2-3 weeks because they were most likely going to combine us with the next interview group and then have a meeting, so I think that’s what they meant by this email. I assume if they accepted anyone prior to the second interview they had to be really exceptional. I don’t think they do an actual “waitlist” until after all the seats are full, but the idea is the same, they’re waiting to see if they can do better haha
  4. got an email today saying they decided to keep my application active during this admissions cycle, meaning they will combine my app with the next pool of applicants. did anyone else get an email like this? or has anyone been accepted?
  5. Yeah, I got it in an email a couple weeks after I was verified by CASPA
  6. Damn that’s rough :/. Not sure what airport you were searching, ISP is closest, but JFK or even LGA might be cheaper and you can take the train to bay shore?
  7. Anyone else get an interview for The Nassau program on July 23rd??
  8. Sure, I have a 3.53 overall gpa and a 3.61 cumulative science gpa GRE scores were 158 verbal, and 152 quantitative ~2500 healthcare hours working as a CNA, EMT, and medical assistant I've also been a counselor on a crisis hotline and a research assistant for a substance abuse treatment and research service its my first time applying, so hoping for the best!
  9. Figured I would start this years thread! I was CASPA verified (for all three programs) on 6/9 and received confirmation that my application was complete and under review from Touro Manhattan and NUMC today (6/29)! Didn't get one from bay shore though. Any one else apply to these schools??
  10. I submitted and was verified on 6/9, On 6/26 St. Johns emailed my with a login and a link to their supplemental application, Today (6/29) I submitted the supplemental and received an email from St. Johns confirming that my application is complete and under review!
  11. I submitted June 9th and haven’t heard anything from LIU, they’re the only school that hasn’t sent any email at all. ?. Anyone get any correspondence from them?
  12. Has anyone else gotten an interview specifically for the waitlist?
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