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  1. I’m in the middle third (50-100) and she did not tell me about the two weeks to accept or decline sooooooooooo I like Wake Forest a lot so I’ll keep my hat in the ring, but I’m also really happy with a school I’ve been accepted too.
  2. I called to find out my spot and I think by the number of people on the list they will not be calling people individually of their position
  3. @eeb67 okay thank you! I guess I misunderstood, I thought they were gonna reach out to us.
  4. Hi! Did she say when they would start to notify people of their spot?
  5. Eh rejected, but i had that feeling anyway. Congratulations to everyone accepted and waitlisted! Also I didn’t get an email telling me to check the portal so go check your portals
  6. I also got my rejection email. It was an honor though to be invited to interview and I got to visit my cousins while I was out there congratulations to all those accepted and good luck to everyone in finding the right program for them
  7. @anahitaasefi they sent out an email a few weeks ago that they’d try to let everyone know by the end of November. Which may end up being literally the last day of November. (If any Stanford admission committee members are reading this I am not being salty just trying to use humor to soften the anxiety)
  8. I am in the same boat and constantly in a state of freaking out. I looked at last year’s thread and it seems someone found out later than other people did
  9. @azpamkay I’m sorry about the news you recieved ? I hope you get better news in the future.
  10. @hmtpnw okay, thank you for letting me know. And congratulations on the acceptance!
  11. Do you know if they send them out on different days?
  12. @thatgirlonabike Thank you. I interviewed on 10/16 and haven’t gotten an email. Just worried they’re gonna send out rejections the day after they send acceptances/waitlists.
  13. @thatgirlonabike @Lizli1 When did you guys interview?
  14. Hello my fellow forum-ers! Are the interviews 1:1 (excluding the group and team building activity) or is it a panel? And are there more than one? Thank you!
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