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  1. @greenmoodThis was extremely helpful, and I will definitely take your advice with practicing presentations on video. Thank you.
  2. I'm currently in my clerkship year, 2nd rotation, and on my last day my preceptor told me that I will have to retake my clerkship. It will be replace one of my electives at the end of the year after my core elective, and I'm feeling especially down, but I have accepted the decision. Their reasons were that I had difficulty with presentations, and knowledge content. During my mid-rotation evaluation, I acknowledged that I had difficulty with presentations, and I relied on my notes to make the presentation. I have severe anxiety with making presentations, and having my notes readily available really helped me, my lead preceptor even said I was able to use my notes for the later presentations, which definitely improved my presentations, but now it seems that they are going against their word. I wished that they had told me mid-week, and checked in or given me ways to improve throughout and not thrown it at me all at the end. Regarding my knowledge content, as a student, my job here was to learn, and I feel as if I'm being penalized for asking questions that I did not know to. Essentially, I just want some advice on how to cope with improving my presentations and anxiety, along with any input on any further steps I should take.
  3. It's a traditional interview ( 1 scribe and 1 person interviewing). Essay is written and then after everyone is done with the interviews, the director comes in to talk to all the interviewees and a tour concludes the interview day.
  4. I have been waitlisted at the program and was just wondering when the waitlisted people would know if they have a spot in their next class.
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