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  1. I definitely relate to that. I was crying on the phone and was in such shock I didn’t even hear what Ms. Kandee was saying can’t wait to see all of you in the spring!!!
  2. Just had a minor freakout because I got an email from them, but it was a repeat of the interview follow-up email I got the day after interviewing. This is a rollercoaster!!
  3. Yep, but they’ll give you some time to pull it up. Google docs is a good option as well because you can email straight from there when time is called. Otherwise have your email open and ready to attach your word document! Good luck!!
  4. I had a really positive experience! The faculty and staff made the process as low-stress as possible and I felt that the interview style was much more personal and let you express who you are compared to other interviews I‘ve had.
  5. Trying to stay positive and stay busy while waiting to hear back from the 8/28 interview!! Wishing good luck to everyone else in the same position. We've got this!
  6. There is a link to the supplemental application on the program website, under “admissions” and then “how to apply”!
  7. The deadline to apply to this program was August 1st for the cohort starting in January 2021! The next cycle will open for applications in April 2021 for the cohort starting January 2022.
  8. I just got an interview invite for 8/25! They said they have currently accepted a full cohort, so this is an interview for a spot on the waitlist. Still an exciting opportunity!!
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