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  1. I'm wondering the same. It's a rough wait lol
  2. So they’ve said they’re going to interview exactly 120 people. Those who got an email yesterday have until a certain time Monday to RSVP. If people decline the offer or fail to respond, they’ll probably send more invites out some time after the Monday deadline to get the number up to 120. I’m in the same boat as you and trying to stay positive!
  3. Does anyone know if people have been rejected after they interviewed yet?
  4. I interviewed on 7/16 and got an email on 8/20 that my fingerprints were rejected due to poor quality. I have since sent another set of fingerprints and called the school to confirm they received them. My Castlebranch still says incomplete and I haven’t gotten an update from the school on my status. Has anyone else gone this long without an answer? I’m wondering if it would be worth giving them a call to check.
  5. Are you in state? I'm out of state and called IdentoGo who confirmed my results were delivered but my CastleBranch section still says incomplete! I'm wondering if there's extra steps for out of state results to make it to the school. I don't want to bother the school but I'm going crazy waiting to hear back!
  6. I received an email from CastleBranch, the background check company, a day or two after I got a confirmation email from Keiser that my verified application was received!
  7. Casper does not need to be complete to get an interview invite! They just asked me when I got my invite call if I had it scheduled. Then they asked everyone at the interview if they had completed it and I think everyone had by then. They just need your scores in order to make a decision after interviewing it seems!
  8. Has anyone else that was waitlisted at the June 28th session gotten an update?
  9. Yep! They will put anyone’s luggage in an office before the interviews start!
  10. Just FYI, the registration confirmation email for the fingerprinting service was sent to my spam mail. It contained the mailing address and ID number! I'm interviewing on Tuesday and can't wait to meet you guys. Good luck everyone!!
  11. I emailed them after the two week period given in my confirmation email. Nikki said that no decisions were being made at this time and interviews will go out starting in July!
  12. Just got a phone call with an interview invite for June 28th!!!!!
  13. Anyone completing their supplemental application right now? I'm thrown off by the references section. It says 2 references must be parents. Who else are you guys listing here?
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