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  1. Trying to stay positive and stay busy while waiting to hear back from the 8/28 interview!! Wishing good luck to everyone else in the same position. We've got this!
  2. There is a link to the supplemental application on the program website, under “admissions” and then “how to apply”!
  3. The deadline to apply to this program was August 1st for the cohort starting in January 2021! The next cycle will open for applications in April 2021 for the cohort starting January 2022.
  4. Has anyone from the 8/14 interview heard anything??
  5. I just got an interview invite for 8/25! They said they have currently accepted a full cohort, so this is an interview for a spot on the waitlist. Still an exciting opportunity!!
  6. I got my invite on 7/29 and filled out the confirmation survey on 7/30. Still waiting on the email for more info!
  7. Very interested in this answer as well. If gay and trans students are truly prohibited I can imagine there would be very little taught about their needs in healthcare, which I’m not sure I’m comfortable with.
  8. I did the same thing!! Freaked me out. But at this point I feel like I wouldn’t have enough time to prepare, so I’m just hoping they don’t give preference to it over the GRE.
  9. Did you happen to find out whether we would be on video during the event? Just want to know if I need to get dressed up or not.
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