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  1. Hey everyone, I'll cut straight to the chase, I have red-green color blindness (optometrist says it's mild, although sometimes it seems worse than "mild") and I am starting PA school in January. For the most part, it doesn't affect me in my daily activities, however I noticed it's exceptionally difficult to pick up on rashes or to see a sore throat when I worked in pediatrics and the ER. None of the male physicians that I worked with could offer any insight via personal experience or knowing a colleague with color blindness. Yes I checked SDN but they pretty much talk about how it
  2. Very relaxed. Little info session about the program, Q&A with students, and an interview with some on the admissions committee. Good luck on your interview!
  3. It’s only been a few days and the wait is agonizing. We should hear back after a couple of weeks, right?
  4. Just got an interview invite today, I'll be interviewing on 6/14!
  5. Hoping to get an interview this time around! sGPA - 3.5 cGPA - 3.3 GRE - 308 PCE - 1700 MA, 1500 ED Tech HCE - 1600 PT aide Shadow - 20 PA
  6. I don't know how, but I got an interview for Oct. 19th. Looking forward to meeting everyone there!
  7. Dang, I was hoping to get an interview this cycle but I think I may have submitted my application too late.
  8. @Lizli1 The question is a little vague and I don't really see much in terms of direction that's provided on the school's website. I think so long as you answer honestly and have something aligning with the university's core values as well as possibly what you see yourself going into in the future, you should be okay. Granted, I haven't written my response yet either haha
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