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  1. Just got accepted this morning also! I would love to hear from current student about their experience at CSS. Thank you!
  2. They won’t call or email about acceptance, waitlist or rejection until after the last interview date, which is 10/24. Good luck everyone. The wait is long but well worth it.
  3. Is your biochem from the chemistry department or biology? I would assume that it's a chemistry elective.
  4. They sent out another emailing saying they'll be conducting interviews late September going to October.
  5. They already denied you? I didn't know they required volunteer hours for underserved.
  6. Hi Kettle. Thank you for replying to my question. Were you an entry 1 or 2 applicant when you applied? Also
  7. Was there a graduate application we had to fill out for UC davis because I didn't see any supplement questions?
  8. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to start the forum for 2018-2019 cycle. Good Luck everyone
  9. Good luck everyone! just about to add the last few hours of shadowing then I'll submit my application.
  10. What was your experience like during didactic year? How did you keep yourself motivated during the online courses?
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