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  1. any word on those that interviewed last sept 6? how many other interview sessions will CMU still have? thanks for the info guys! good luck!
  2. Oh ok...they got mine july 31st..so they'll probably cash my check any day now if i base it on your timeline. Tnx
  3. When was your check cashed? They haven't cashed mine yet and i am sure puzzled by it.
  4. Hi Amanda0922! Congratulations on the invite. When did u submit your application?
  5. Just submitted my application a couple days ago and got an email today that they got my application. Will I be getting another email saying that my application is under review? How soon do I know if I will get an invite for an interview or if I am rejected? Thanks for the info guys and congratulations to this who got interviewed and accepted! Good luck to the rest of us!
  6. is it too late to apply? the deadline is not until sept 1!
  7. Hi guys! I found out that CASPA will not be including my foreign transcript in my GPA computation. I would just need to submit my transcript's evaluation (evaluated by a 3rd party agency). The schools will be given a copy of this evaluation. Will this give me a chance to NOT be filtered out by the system? CASPA will only compute my current GPA which are cGPA at 3.89 and sGPA at 4.
  8. currently I have 46 credits. I am planning to take genetics and microbio by spring 2019 so that will put me to 54 units. Do you have any suggestions on what else to take? Thanks for the help!
  9. I am concerned about my GPA. As a background, I am a non traditional pre-PA student. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology more than 20 years ago from a foreign university. For the past year, I had been retaking all required pre-requisites to be able to apply to PA school. I am planning to apply next cycle (April 2019). Anyway, my concern is this: I think my cGPA from my foreign university will not even reach a 3 but my cGPA from retaking the pre-requisites (this past year)is a 3.89 and my sGPA is a 4. My patient care hours probably amounts to more than 5000 hrs and counting. Do you guys think I have a chance of getting an acceptance to PA school? Any suggestions? Opinions? Thanks!
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