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  1. That GRE though! Also your post-bacc is great. I see why you got an interview! Good luck
  2. Does anyone who has received an interview mind sharing their stats?
  3. Agreed lol. I don't think many other schools require a background check before a interview / seat is offered.
  4. I got a email about 2 weeks after emailing them with proof of the CASPA fee waiver that said that my file was complete and they received my CASPA application, supplemental application, and GRE.
  5. No, my CASPA app was verified 5/20 when I submitted to the first school I applied to. It showed as verified immediately after I submitted on 6/5
  6. I got a confirmation email today. CASPA submitted: 6/5 Verified: 5/20 Supp App submitted: 6/21
  7. I haven't gotten anything from Gannon. No confirmation email either.
  8. 5053 is the institutional code and 0634 is the program code. You sent it to 5053 and then 0634 for the PA program.
  9. I got an email saying they got everything but it said nothing about 2 weeks. I wonder why!
  10. Do you guys mind sharing your stats and interview experiences with Nova ?
  11. Did you interview last year? If so, do you mind sharing your stats / what the interview process was like there ?
  12. I am waiting for CASPA do get my GRE scores for Barry still. Do you think I should wait until they're received before submitting?
  13. Im not positive but I believe everyone gets a supplemtantal. Supplementals are usually placed to help supplement the pay of the people who review applications.
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