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  1. Just received an interview for 10/9 at 9am !
  2. This first email says “We received your application materials from CASPA and your information has been forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review.” And the second email says “The Admissions Committee has completed their inital review of your application and it has been forwarded for second level evaluation by members of the Admissions Committee.”
  3. I received the second level email in June but haven’t heard anything else either way. Anyone in the same boat as me?
  4. I got a response last year. It took about 8 weeks. They are busy I’m sure, but provide good feedback.
  5. Last year they interviewed three people per seat. So a 33% acceptance rate roughly.
  6. That GRE though! Also your post-bacc is great. I see why you got an interview! Good luck
  7. Does anyone who has received an interview mind sharing their stats?
  8. Agreed lol. I don't think many other schools require a background check before a interview / seat is offered.
  9. I got a email about 2 weeks after emailing them with proof of the CASPA fee waiver that said that my file was complete and they received my CASPA application, supplemental application, and GRE.
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