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  1. Hey sorry! Just seeing this. I loved Nova Jax when I interviewed. The facility are great! They truly care about the student and they are very supportive, you deff get that vibe during the interview. Obviously, things are a bit different since we are doing everything online this semester, theres a learning curve on both sides. So far, I really like Jacksonville! I live in a cool part of town about 15 minutes from campus. Again, with covid and classes I haven’t had too much time to explore but so far I really like it!
  2. I was waitlisted but already accepted another program so one less person on the waitlist for anyone else who may be hoping to get in!
  3. I will be giving up my interview date November 10-11 as I was accepted to another program. Hoping someone else gets my slot and the email for a invite!
  4. Just talked to Kandee as well! Can’t wait to meet y’all!
  5. I was told the same thing on 10/9 and haven’t heard anything
  6. Ah so happy for her! I will be interview with her!
  7. I'm curious how you know this and if you know when the last interview date was?
  8. This is so sweet of you. It can be difficult for parents to understand how tough it is getting into grad school, but PA school specifically. With your support I'm sure she won't let her goals waiver! Good luck to your daughter on her endeavors into and through PA school.
  9. I submitted may 16th and received the verified application email from UT on May 20th.
  10. From my understanding a lot of PA schools pick interviewees off of a point based system. Taking into consideration everything from GPA, shadowing, experiences, LOR, personal statement, etc. Thats why comparing stats isn’t a great thing to do because I’m sure there are people who have great GPAs with a weaker PS while someone else who may have a average GPA has a PS that scores high.
  11. I didn’t get a confirmation email. It says that Christina will call us after submitting so I’m sure you could double check with her then just to make sure it’s right!
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