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  1. Interviewing on Dec. 4! Has anyone reserved a hotel room through the link online? Mine isn't working. Didn't know if that meant the rooms were fully booked or if I should just call as it may be a technical glitch. Thanks!
  2. Interviewed on Sept. 14 and received a phone call about an hour after the interview saying I was accepted! Really loved the faculty and atmosphere. Good luck to everyone interviewing soon! Don't stress, just be yourself. All of the faculty and people helping at the interview were so nice and personable. No need to be worried and stressed!
  3. Well I submitted 5/29 (or something like that) and was verified 6/12. I received an interview invite for 9/14 a few weeks ago. I believe they do interviews for a few months though. I think last year they had some in December or maybe even January. I spoke with Katie from admissions on the phone quite a bit and I think its like one interview session with 16 interviewees each month (at least that's how it sounded). If you didn't submit until 8/6 I would say just be patient. I think they already have a pretty full session for mid-October, but I'm sure there will be more interviews set up after that. Probably give it a few weeks and then if you don't hear anything, just shoot Katie an email. She's really nice and responded to my emails super quick via phone call and email and answered all of my questions.
  4. Just officially signed up to interview on September 14th today! Super excited to meet everyone!
  5. If you don't mind saying, when was you application submitted and/or verified?
  6. Hey! Once you have submitted your CASPA to BU, you should have received a confirmation email from them saying they got your application (I got mine a day or two after CASPA verified my application). In this email is a link to open an account on their domain or whatever. Once you click the link and set up a username and password, go into your account and it will be there. They don't send a document or anything to your email. You need to fill the application out on this account and submit it. As for the questions, it's pretty standard. They basically have a few questions about why is BU right for you and why are you right for BU. Hope this helps!
  7. I might just be missing this completely, but I couldn't figure out exactly when they start their PA classes. Does anybody know what month they begin in?
  8. I got my email confirmation that Tufts received my app on 6/13 and I have not heard anything since. I have a feeling they only send rejection emails to those that interviewed but are being rejected. I'm assuming that 3-4 weeks out and later, no news is not good news. ?
  9. Hey, does anyone know if Tufts sends some type of rejection letter email if they decide not to offer an interview? I know that they will if you interview and they choose not to accept you, but couldn't find anything about what happens if they don't choose to interview you.
  10. No, I believe they wait until the deadline (August 1st) to start reviewing applications.
  11. So I know everyone is saying that the interviews are relaxed and everyone is really nice, but my question is how many other prospective students are there at the same time? I've heard that many schools have some form of group interview during the day, does Tufts?
  12. I'm surprised there aren't more people on the threads for this cycle! I feel like the ones from previous years were all getting long at this point. Anyways, I applied a few weeks back and my application was verified 6/12. Hopefully we will start hearing back soon!
  13. My application was verified on 6/12, it seems like people that get invited for interviews are contacted a week or two after verification. For those that have been invited for interviews, is it just an email invitation?
  14. Hi! I've not been accepted but I am applying this round (2018-2019); however I did find their stats for accepted students. According to this powerpoint presentation they have published (I assume from their open houses), the class of 2018 had the following average statistics: cGPA: 3.50, sGPA: 3.52, GRE quant: 62%, and GRE verb: 68%. In addition to this, they had a 70% female class with an average age of 26. This powerpoint didn't have the mean amount of HCE hours; however, one from a previous year did— 4,000 hours was the mean for that year. I know they say 1,000 minimum and >1,500 minimum to be competitive. I know that I, personally, do not have anywhere near 4,000 hours. I'm just above 1,500 but not quite 2,000. So we will see I suppose ?. I'm planning on submitting in a couple of days (finalizing essays and all that jazz). They seem to work quickly on the applications and interviews from what I've read on previous years. If anything interesting happens, I'll let you know!
  15. I'd generally be interested in shadowing any type of PA in the area though I have particular interests in neurology, oncology, and primary care. I've "officially" shadowed a PA in a hand specialty office and I work with several PA's in an ER, but I've had the worst time finding PAs in RI that I can shadow.
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