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  1. Got the call this afternoon that I was accepted to the Boone campus! So ecstatic! To those admitted, how can I access the Facebook page?
  2. Hi girl! I think I got your invite but I haven’t been able to access the group
  3. Just got rejected from Nov 10th interview. Congrats to those who got in!
  4. Has anyone from the Nov 5th interview heard back yet? I’m shaking in my boots!
  5. I'll be interviewing November 5th as well! Excited to meet you and everyone!
  6. I ran into that problem and then realized it was because I was clicking the wrong link! There were two links in the email and you have to click the second one to be able to access it
  7. I also didn’t see that portion until now!! I uploaded a photo to be safe as well but please let us know what their response is; good luck to both of you! ?
  8. That’s what I figured. I’m intending to just include it all as one seamless license but wanted to make sure that wasn’t the “wrong thing to do” for any reason. Thanks!! :)
  9. Hi! When inputing licenses into CASPA, it asks for the "issue date". I was wondering if I should put the date I first received the certification, or the date that I renewed my certification. I became a CNA in Oct. 2016, however I renewed my license in May of 2017, so technically the new issue date would be May I think. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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