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  1. I was verified on July 9th! cGPA: 3.92 sGPA: 3.97 GRE: 307 and 4.0 on writing PCE: 1,100 as a nurse tech 50 hrs job shadowing two different PAs and ~150 volunteer hours! hope this helps ?
  2. I never got a confirmation email from Trine saying my app was under review. Just an email for an interview invitation!
  3. Was just offered an interview here for Feb. 9th! Pretty far away, but I'm so excited!!
  4. Would anyone be willing to swap PS? I am feeling like I need to add more detail, but I am close to 5,000 characters... wondering if someone can give me advice on my content so far and what I could change and/or add to make it stronger. I'm willing to do the same for you! Thanks!
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