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  1. My local hospital does not require that I am certified. I am a nurse aide (patient care technician). I would definitely check with hospitals and clinics to see if they require you to even be certified as some of them do not.
  2. Sept. 21st. They tell you at the interview that it will be 1-1.5 weeks before you hear anything.
  3. At the interview, the director mentioned (if I remember correctly) that they refer back to the wait list after each interview they have and could possibly offer you acceptance after reviewing your file again. I think she said they utilize a lot of their wait list (especially if you've been wait listed early on in the process).
  4. Yes there is! @ancientMedicine created one! Try this link: facebook.com/groups/UNTHSCpa2023
  5. I did to both my interviewers and ended up with an acceptance!
  6. I declined my interview as I was just accepted into my dream PA program as of yesterday!! Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone else. Good luck!!
  7. I was accepted via email yesterday!! However, I will be declining my acceptance offer as I also gained accepted into another PA program literally 10 minutes later! Hopefully this will give an opportunity to another applicant! Good luck!!
  8. ACCEPTED BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I literally cried when she called me.
  9. We only bring transcripts to the interview if we have taken extra courses since we sumbited our application correct?
  10. With all the flooding going on in Galveston, do we know if the interviews are still on for next week? Has anyone heard anything?
  11. On their website they state to write your personal statement about "Why I Wish to Become a Physician Associate." I dont know if it matters that much but my PS is using the term physician assistant. I already submitted my CAPSA in may for other programs and i cannot change my PS now to fit their "associate" term. I dont want to pay to apply to this program just to be denied because i used the words physician assistant in my PS. Any thoughts about this or someone who has been accepted using the term physician assistant in their PS?
  12. I just got the email about what to expect from the interview which they are referring to interview as the " admissions assessment". I am confused as to what they are referring to in the email when they say faculty and student panels. Does that mean interviews with a panel of faculty and students or a panel that we can ask questions like an informational session? Also, they said nothing about it being MMI in the email but I know it says MMI on their website. All they say in the email is "evaluations"..
  13. Received an invitation to interview 9/27!! Got the email 9/3. Does anyone know the interview style they use? I could not find it on their website.
  14. Does anyone know when they start to offer interviews? Seems pretty quiet on here for a program that starts in January...
  15. Thanks! I completely rewrote my personal statement and I really feel that it was so much better than my essay from last year (and you always hear people say its the essay that gets you the interview). I was able to pull a lot of experiences from my job as a nurse aide/tech which I feel strengthened my essay a lot. Also, my previous essay focused on why I would be a good PA and my new one focused more on why I want to be a PA. As far as my application, I did not have any PCE last time and barely had any HCE so I really focused on getting more hours!
  16. This is my second time too. I graduated from Austin College with a degree in Biology GRE: 296 Cum GPA: 3.56 non-science GPA: 3.75 Science GPA: 3.43 HCE: 354 (hospital and hospice volunteer) PCE: 187 at time of application. (I am a nurse aide/tech) other volunteering: ~60 Shadowing: 138 Piano teaching experience: 2000+ Also had many extracurricular hours for playing in symphonies/orchestras For everyone doubting themselves, this just goes to show you that you do not have to have the best stats to earn an interview! However, I do feel that my essay was very strong this year compared to last.
  17. I feel like I am dreaming!!! I got an invitation to interview September 21st!!!!! Submitted my app/ verified June 4th, Got under review email June 6th
  18. Starting the 2019 cycle forum! Submitted June 4th/ Verified June 4th
  19. Yes I believe so. I applied last year and they did not use it.
  20. Just curious, is there anyone not taking the CASper? (since its not a requirement) I have already submitted my app but cannot take CASper until June 25th. You think this will hurt my chances at all since I will be taking my test so much later after submitting my app?
  21. @ChristineQLe yep i used the verification form. On Friday it had been 10 days since it was sent. I am wondering if Memorial day influenced that time line at all though...
  22. How long does it take CASPA to upload your transcript to your application? I mailed mine almost 2 weeks ago and it still is not showing up on my app. I was wondering if I should be worried or is this normal?
  23. Last cycle, I was emailed about the supplemental application and fee 5 days after I was verified.
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