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  1. Does anyone know when they start to offer interviews? Seems pretty quiet on here for a program that starts in January...
  2. Thanks! I completely rewrote my personal statement and I really feel that it was so much better than my essay from last year (and you always hear people say its the essay that gets you the interview). I was able to pull a lot of experiences from my job as a nurse aide/tech which I feel strengthened my essay a lot. Also, my previous essay focused on why I would be a good PA and my new one focused more on why I want to be a PA. As far as my application, I did not have any PCE last time and barely had any HCE so I really focused on getting more hours!
  3. This is my second time too. I graduated from Austin College with a degree in Biology GRE: 296 Cum GPA: 3.56 non-science GPA: 3.75 Science GPA: 3.43 HCE: 354 (hospital and hospice volunteer) PCE: 187 at time of application. (I am a nurse aide/tech) other volunteering: ~60 Shadowing: 138 Piano teaching experience: 2000+ Also had many extracurricular hours for playing in symphonies/orchestras For everyone doubting themselves, this just goes to show you that you do not have to have the best stats to earn an interview! However, I do feel that my essay was very strong this year compared to last.
  4. I feel like I am dreaming!!! I got an invitation to interview September 21st!!!!! Submitted my app/ verified June 4th, Got under review email June 6th
  5. Starting the 2019 cycle forum! Submitted June 4th/ Verified June 4th
  6. Yes I believe so. I applied last year and they did not use it.
  7. Just curious, is there anyone not taking the CASper? (since its not a requirement) I have already submitted my app but cannot take CASper until June 25th. You think this will hurt my chances at all since I will be taking my test so much later after submitting my app?
  8. @ChristineQLe yep i used the verification form. On Friday it had been 10 days since it was sent. I am wondering if Memorial day influenced that time line at all though...
  9. How long does it take CASPA to upload your transcript to your application? I mailed mine almost 2 weeks ago and it still is not showing up on my app. I was wondering if I should be worried or is this normal?
  10. Last cycle, I was emailed about the supplemental application and fee 5 days after I was verified.
  11. Im a nurse's aide at a hospital and all I needed was my CPR
  12. I have written my personal statement as a means of taking the reader through a "journey" and talking about points that would make me a good PA but i do not explain WHY a PA till the end of my paper. Do you think this is not a good idea? For example i talk about why being part of a symphony orchestra makes me a good team player and how this is a crucial role of a being a PA and why being a piano teacher makes me a good leader. I just dont want the PA programs to wonder WHY i want to be a PA until the end of my personal statement. what do you think?
  13. Do you think it would be a bad idea to explain in interviews/personal statement that i originally wanted to go the MD route but then changed to PA for the reasons x,y, and z? I would love to know what you think about this as I see some people do this but not sure how it turns out for them?
  14. Ive had a similar problem with A&P courses as well. I contacted the program directly to ask if the courses the college I was attending had available would cover the A&P pre-req and they let me know if it would cover it or not.
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