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  1. Sorry! Try typing in “Dominican university of California MSPA program class of 2022” in case this link doesn’t work. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2506258836314510?multi_permalinks=2506258856314508&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1573802150019983&ref=m_notif
  2. It might be soon, but it would be nice for us to all get to know each other and keep tabs on our next steps! https://m.facebook.com/groups/2506258836314510?_rdr
  3. Anyone know if there’s a FB page for the cohort yet ?
  4. I received notice today from CAPA the Governor signed SB 697 yesterday. Great way to end PA week!
  5. I also received the call today, I interviewed 9/21 in the afternoon.
  6. Congrats on your acceptance ! There’s a Facebook page for our cohort you can join. People are looking for roommates! https://m.facebook.com/groups/793786627690737/?ref=group_browse
  7. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I am refreshing pathophysio. Just wanted to get a quick start of the materials from PPP and see if I can familiarize myself with some of these topics coming from a cardiovascular icu setting I have a solid understanding of pulmonology, cardiovascular, and I.D. Thanks again! Definitely will get the second book
  8. Hello, Incoming PA student coming this January. I was going to order the pance prep pearls to get ahead start on the materials but I see there’s a 3rd version coming this December. Would it be wise to wait for the 3rd edition to drop rather than the getting the second? If anyone knows did the second and first version vary much ? Thanks !
  9. Yes, filling out fafsa as soon as possible would be beneficial for students who intend on taking out loans for the program. For the January start it is right around the corner so getting that done now would be better rather than rushing to get your physicals/titters/ moving (for those out of the area) along with securing your loans. I don’t think it affects their admission choice but it can affect your admission if you don’t have the finances ready.
  10. Pre-pa here too ! Virtual high-five ! A bilateral BP is often used to rule out an aortic dissection
  11. 1. Sounds like an MI, stemi or non-stemi 2. History of CAD/ MIs. Any allergies, if she’s Diabetic, has hypertension, or a smoker. Previous medical history, medications she’s on. Previous family history of MIs, patients usual activity level, was she feeling unwell earlier in the day, or was her MI exacerbated by Valsalva Maneuvers by bowel movements. Any previous Vaso vagal episodes Diet. 3. One nurse obtain vitals, oxygen + stat EKG. To see which is it stemi if so patient needs PCI. Referral needed to an acute facility ?( I am unsure if the lowest trauma care have cath labs; if not request a transfer to an higher acuity facility.) Second RN to insert IV lines and obtain lab tests: trops, CK, d-dimer, CBC, bnp. Order echo if needed after lab results
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