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  1. I’m not sure why someone would intentionally want to work 90hours in a week? You'll not only hurt yourself but the high possibility of hurting your patients since you’ll be extremely sleep deprived and exhausted. Im not sure if there are any other states that limit providers in over working, I know the residents are striking over 80 hour work weeks and are limited on a 36-straight-hour shift. Just for an example: there are 168 hours in a week you want to work 90 hours you have ~8 hours of sleep for 7 days (56hours) that only gives you 22 hours for yourself to enjoy life and your income. It’s a recipe for burnout. However there are a lot of PAs that work multiple jobs so it’s possible if you actually wanted to work that much. I personally wouldn’t recommend it, there’s a reason why medical and PA schools are being revamped to start including wellness courses into the schools and why provider burnout is a real thing that crushes the souls of many individuals like you that are dedicated and have good intentions. Medicine unfortunately has a very dark side and there is constant moral injury in this field not just by patients but internally. You are a cash cow for these hospital admins whether you are a MD or PA.
  2. There are none in California that are a direct entry PA program. Dominican and UOP in Norcal are the only ones that give slight points on interviews if you attended the undergrad there. But it isn’t an automatic interview invitation nor an acceptance. The direct entry are also competitive. It’s best to research the direct entry PA programs. A quick google search came up with this. https://www.thepalife.com/direct-entry-and-dual-degree-bsms-physician-assistant-programs/
  3. It really depends on programs when your start date is. For the most part of you applied for 19-20 cycle you could start January 2020 up until fall/winter 2020, if you were accepted in this current cycle (caspa cycles open April 2019-close early April 2020, but each school has their own deadlines). The consensus is most schools have formed their cohorts around December-March 2020 for this current cycle. But there are programs that are outliers like one local program interviews applicants from the 19 cycle this summer 2020 for spots in January 2021 cohort. The best piece of advice is to contact the programs and find out when semester the programs start for each cohort. Typically it’s on the programs PA site in the FAQ section. As for PCE I’m not sure what you do in your internship but some programs may not count the experience if it’s associated with obtaining a license or degree. Like if you were doing your clinicals for becoming an MA they don’t count those hours because it’s required for your current program. Shadowing is always good but not counted for PCE. You would need a job with direct patient care experience with a minimum of 1000hours to apply to most schools. The more hours you have, the more competitive you are with of course your personal statement, GPA, extracurricular activities, LOR; etc.
  4. 6 years post graduation from an accredited PA program or 6 tries whichever comes first on the NCCPA website https://www.nccpa.net/pance-eligibility
  5. Sorry! Try typing in “Dominican university of California MSPA program class of 2022” in case this link doesn’t work. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2506258836314510?multi_permalinks=2506258856314508&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1573802150019983&ref=m_notif
  6. It might be soon, but it would be nice for us to all get to know each other and keep tabs on our next steps! https://m.facebook.com/groups/2506258836314510?_rdr
  7. Anyone know if there’s a FB page for the cohort yet ?
  8. I received notice today from CAPA the Governor signed SB 697 yesterday. Great way to end PA week!
  9. I also received the call today, I interviewed 9/21 in the afternoon.
  10. Congrats on your acceptance ! There’s a Facebook page for our cohort you can join. People are looking for roommates! https://m.facebook.com/groups/793786627690737/?ref=group_browse
  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I am refreshing pathophysio. Just wanted to get a quick start of the materials from PPP and see if I can familiarize myself with some of these topics coming from a cardiovascular icu setting I have a solid understanding of pulmonology, cardiovascular, and I.D. Thanks again! Definitely will get the second book
  12. Hello, Incoming PA student coming this January. I was going to order the pance prep pearls to get ahead start on the materials but I see there’s a 3rd version coming this December. Would it be wise to wait for the 3rd edition to drop rather than the getting the second? If anyone knows did the second and first version vary much ? Thanks !
  13. Yes, filling out fafsa as soon as possible would be beneficial for students who intend on taking out loans for the program. For the January start it is right around the corner so getting that done now would be better rather than rushing to get your physicals/titters/ moving (for those out of the area) along with securing your loans. I don’t think it affects their admission choice but it can affect your admission if you don’t have the finances ready.
  14. Pre-pa here too ! Virtual high-five ! A bilateral BP is often used to rule out an aortic dissection
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