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  1. Hey all, wondering if anyone reached out to the program with any news? I reread the email confirmation and it states because I continue to refresh my email every few minutes in a panic thinking I missed something lol. “Your application has been verified by CASPA and is being reviewed by our Admission Team. You will be notified of your application status by September 2019” so I believe interview invites will not go out until then??
  2. Hi all! Just received the confirmation email from Davis. Submitted: 7/3 verified: 7/9 confirmation: 7/15. Last year they sent out interview invites in waves. The first set of interview invites came around the last week of September for interviews in mid October. Assuming nothing has changed, I think it’s safe to say we won’t hear for another ~2 months or so. I’m wishing you all a great cycle!
  3. Yes you’re correct, the forum admins are working on updating it.
  4. Submitted app July 3rd. Caspa verified 7/9. Received email from CSUMB that my app is currently under review 7/9.
  5. Hi all, following the post! I submitted late June, was verified today (outstanding LOR) will update when I get the confirmation email from the school. I applied last year and didn’t follow through once I received the supplemental (stupid mistake!!!) Time frame last year: caspa verified 8/1/18 submitted app 11/1/18 Touro email confirmation 11/26/18 supplemental received 12/6/18
  6. Have you tried to be involved in your campus pre-health clubs ? Majority of them have a network of providers to shadow.
  7. I’ve been getting a few calls from the admission counselors reaching out to ensure I submit my app prior to 7/1. Seemed at first odd, because I’ve never had any of the other programs personally call me and see where I am at in my apps. I really appreciate how responsive and helpful the counselors are. Customer service rating 10/10 . Good luck to everyone this cycle!
  8. Seems like it. Davis is interesting, the program allows current NP students take classes in the PA program given if a seat becomes available however the admitted PA students do not get a dual degree as an NP. If anything this program favors the nurses to obtain the PA + NP. Wish it was offered both ways!
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