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  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I am refreshing pathophysio. Just wanted to get a quick start of the materials from PPP and see if I can familiarize myself with some of these topics coming from a cardiovascular icu setting I have a solid understanding of pulmonology, cardiovascular, and I.D. Thanks again! Definitely will get the second book
  2. Hello, Incoming PA student coming this January. I was going to order the pance prep pearls to get ahead start on the materials but I see there’s a 3rd version coming this December. Would it be wise to wait for the 3rd edition to drop rather than the getting the second? If anyone knows did the second and first version vary much ? Thanks !
  3. I don’t think anyone has started it officially but I just created my Facebook account and made a group if there isn’t one active yet! https://m.facebook.com/groups/793786627690737?_rdr
  4. No I’m sorry I don’t. There were some people (2, that I heard of) that were accepted yesterday. They may be doing a few acceptance calls a day from what it seems like to me. But don’t lose hope! It’s still early, there’s a lot of time before January, things can change quickly.
  5. Just received my acceptance from Dr. Forest. I am beyond thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to attend this amazing program!!!! I interviewed 9/6 am.
  6. “ This platform will track PA school admissions as well as your stats a lot easier. It even includes a built-in CASPA GPA calculator!!!! Follow myPAbox on instagram @mypabox for further updates. “ Grammar is important; especially if you’re attempting to market an overly saturated product aimed at Pre-PA students. I haven’t researched this product or used it but by just looking at the vague information from this post my feedback is this: -this type of platform is offered already on endless blogs, what would persuade students to download an app whereas they aren’t sure what the developer software agreement is, and there are many downloadable excel sheets that programs provide to assist applicants. - the search criteria for programs is offered thru paschoolfinder. -It may be short lived (or quick turnover) since first time applicants will use this only until they submit their first app. From the pictures it looks like it’s just a resource to plug and chug your numbers into caspa. -not sure what the evaluations tab would be used for other than obtained contact information for individuals you may request a LOR in the future. But you should really get that information in your address book rather than an app that can crash or wipe out your information. -you should really think long term about the life of this app rather than using it to input information into caspa. I would say a good idea is to create a tab with interview questions and tips. Hope it helps!
  7. They’ve interviewed already about 60 candidates. I think they said 120-130 invites were sent out. They don’t utilize rolling admission, and they will come out with admission decisions in 2-3 weeks (somewhere in September-October). If you haven’t received an invite yet don’t be discouraged, you could still get an invite if someone cancels (for January 2020 start). A lot of us, myself included, are re-applicants. You learn more about yourself and how to strengthen your application following each cycle. Don’t give up on your first or second tries. And most importantly don’t give up your dreams of becoming a kickass PA!
  8. Any updates from those who had their interviews recently? I’m wondering how many interview dates are left after 9/10 or if it’s the last one?
  9. Your engineering courses will affect your science GPA. You may need to retake or take additional science courses boost you up to a 3.0 just to get past the cutoff most programs have. Also apply wisely when you do decide to submit your applications, look for programs that consider the last 45 units etc. As for your major PA schools don’t really mind what you decide to study and the major GPA isn’t really a factor but your cGPA and sGPA are the two biggest players. I provided the links so you can calculate your gpa based off what caspa determines science or non science. I highly suggest calculating your expected GPA before submitting so you don’t get autorejected. caspa only calculates your gpas after you submit your first application and they only do it once per cycle. Your AA depends when you take it, if you will do it before your bachelors is granted or after. It’s its after it will be calculated by caspa as a postbacc courses. https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/2._CASPA_Academic_History/4CASPA_Course_Subjects
  10. No idea if it’s blinded. I submitted 7/3 and heard back 8/12 with an invite. I assume they read our applications based off other programs that have read applications and reached back with the same timeframe. Reading the last year’s forum it seems relatively a chill interview wanting to get to know prospective students better
  11. Yes, filling out fafsa as soon as possible would be beneficial for students who intend on taking out loans for the program. For the January start it is right around the corner so getting that done now would be better rather than rushing to get your physicals/titters/ moving (for those out of the area) along with securing your loans. I don’t think it affects their admission choice but it can affect your admission if you don’t have the finances ready.
  12. I emailed Candi about what to prepare for , follow up with transcripts, and the timeframe of acceptances. The response I received was just the copy-pasted response of our initial invites. “The interview format is you will be interviewed by two CSUMB program faculty, plus community clinicians, or program advisors. ” there is a hint that there will be 2 faculty members outside of our initial invites. It’s definitely a panel but not sure how many individuals there will be. Hope it helps and best of luck to you!
  13. I received a notice that I was retained today. Would you know if they have given any acceptances yet?
  14. Just an update: I contacted the program about acceptances. They do not utilize rolling admissions. Acceptances will go out once all interviews are conducted.
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