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  1. Does anyone know if Cornell sends an email to confirm they received the secondary?
  2. Confirmation of app 6/19, 3.4 gpa, 313 GRE, ~4000 PCE and a decent amount of leadership, volunteering and medical missions. I will actually be declining the interview so I hopefully that opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. I think they're just starting to send out interview invites! Got one this week for an interview date in october
  4. was also just accepted via email for the dual program from the 7/18 interview. can't wait!
  5. I actually emailed them already and they were super helpful (replied on a weekend morning too!), said I should expect to hear back in 1-2 weeks. I would guess you would most likely get a similar response! I was interview waitlisted last year so I'm crossing my fingers the longer review time is a good thing ?
  6. If anyone is interviewing Oct 18th and would also like to meet up the night before PM me! I'd love to have a friendly face on the interview day ?
  7. I'm in the same boat, received the welcome letter 5/22 and haven't heard anything since! Did you end up reaching out to them?
  8. has anyone interviewed/been accepted for the dual MPH/PA program? I'm curious if the interview format is any different for those pursuing the dual degree route.
  9. does samuel merritt utilize rolling applications? I am having difficulty finding that information on their website. thank you!
  10. Would any current students or accepted students be willing to able to share what they like about the MCPHS program and campus? I am from out of state and won't get a chance to visit the campus myself unless I get invited for an interview, but would love to hear some feedback about the program!
  11. Just submitted my application today, fingers crossed! Does anyone who currently attends Tufts or has interviewed mind sharing what they liked or did not like about the program?
  12. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start this years application thread. Good luck to everyone applying this year!
  13. For previously accepted students or current students applying, does anyone have input on how lengthy your answers to the supplemental questions were? They seem to give you a small box to write a few sentences each, but there does not seem to be a limit on how much you can write. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ?
  14. Has anyone who has submitted CASPA received any feedback from Rush yet? Their website says they will send a confirmation email within three weeks, but I have not heard anything back yet. Second time applying as well, fingers crossed!!
  15. I am currently waiting on my third letter of rec to be submitted through CASPA, but currently my CASPA application is already verified (you only need 2/3 letters to be verified). Do schools frown upon not having the third letter submitted with the original CASPA application? I'd love to start submitting to a few schools (to have my "submitted" date be marked earlier for those rolling admissions), but if they're just going to return them as incomplete would it be better to wait?
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