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  1. There’s 28 people in the Facebook so I’m gonna guess give or take 30 spots? Not sure if everyone who was accepted is in the group though so it could be less.
  2. Received an interview but unfortunately will be declining hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. Received an interview but unfortunately will be declining hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  4. I thought it was June that it started. They haven’t told us the format just yet.
  5. Sounds good! Everyone that wants to be added PM your phone number so I can make the GroupMe
  6. The email I got said that they’d make it in January and a mentor would contact me in January! So far away tho! Maybe we could do a GroupMe so it’s less official but let’s us connect if we want?
  7. All the interview times I’ve seen from the beginning have started at 7am like clock work. Some people from California have interviewed and even been accepted so maybe ask them how that was. Maybe if you’re not in group 1 like group 2 or 3 you would get 9am or 10am so 6am and 7am for you.
  8. Received an interview invite! I will be declining it though after having been accepted to my top choice program. Hoping this opens up a spot for someone else! Good Luck!
  9. Hey if anyone has already committed to Marist and wants to get connected feel free to PM me! (Even if you don’t plan on going to Marist cause we’ll probably be colleagues in the near future!)
  10. Looks like they made it to June applicants! Congrats everyone.
  11. It's MMI style. To be quite honest I'll echo what everyone else said, it was a very different interview. Relaxed and you can tell they genuinely want to get to know you from standard questions to very far out there questions. At one point I was talking about chickens in my interview lol . In the morning is the only interview portion so I wanna say 7:50-10:30ish is interviewing, the 11:30 is a big Q&A for all the interview groups (1,2,3).
  12. lol I feel the same didn’t want to take that risk so I paid it! I would probably do the 12th play it safe so no funny business.
  13. Due to being accepted to my other top programs I decided to decline my interview invitation. Best of luck me to everyone and really hope this opens up a spot for those of you waiting!
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