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  1. I just got the call. I'm in shock, I can't believe it!!
  2. To all those still waiting on a decision, the next few days will surely feel grueling and arduous as we all remain hopeful for good news. I just want to say we should all be very proud of how far we have come and that all of our efforts have not been in vein regardless of this (or next) weeks outcome. We have all, in many different ways, been of service to our communities and have been constantly improving ourselves and learning from each experience. As I type these words, I too am taking deeps breaths and reminding myself that every process teaches us different lessons - lessons that wil
  3. @BBolanger That would make sense since their program is starting fairly soon in the new year. I'm curious if anyone has any scheduled interviews for the month of November?
  4. That's awesome! It sounds like your interviews went really well. Hopefully we all hear good news soon
  5. That's a relief to hear. I was thinking along those lines, the academic interview will probably be more succinct than the personal - which I have yet to do. I hope all goes well and we all receive good news soon! Yale is my number one choice, and I'm honestly so happy and honored they extended an interview alone. Looking forward to the next few weeks.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I feel it went well, but not anything exceptional either. Did your interview go over 30 minutes? Mine was a bit under. Not sure if that's a good thing.
  7. How do you think it went? I hope it went well! Mine is tomorrow and I'm freaking out. Any last minute advice or tips?
  8. I thought it went well. I was super nervous but the interviewers try really hard to make you as comfortable as possible. I know it's cliché to say, but just be yourself and try to keep calm.
  9. I received a second email with further instructions today, and my interview is coming up on Monday. Hope this information helps.
  10. I was asked the same and was assured my application would still remain active with the other campuses regardless of choosing a preferred location. Manhattan and Bayshore differ in that Manhattan is a longer program, awarding a dual degree. Since it is 32 months, 5 months extra, it also comes at an additional cost. Bayshore however is 28 months, only awarding a masters, and is slightly less expensive. Not sure if that helps. I ultimately decided based on location and proximity to my home.
  11. Congratulations to all who have been accepted! So very excited for you all! I've been following this thread from day one and after reading through pages and pages of posts it's pretty evident that the class of 2023 will be a close, tight knit community - one I still hope to join! For those who received recent acceptances, would you mind sharing when your application was verified and under review? I applied pretty late in the game, but am still holding out hope to be part of this amazing program and cohort.
  12. @Anika, I too received an invite for the same time and same day. I'm guessing they'll do a group tour type of thing then have us interview separately afterwards. I believe it will be a two person interview.
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