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  1. I applied back in May and am still waiting to hear. Looks like invites are trickling out. I received the baseline review email back in September as well. This is a career change for me. Here are my stats to share. Master of Education: 4.0 BS in Business Overall GPA: 3.0 Science GPA: 3.42 Last 60....3.66 EMT hours: 453
  2. They definitely interview through March so there will be more rounds of interviews. I am having trouble identifying anyone who has committed to attending the program after being accepted, and there is no Facebook group created yet for those that have been accepted. As my top choice school, I am still hoping for an interview.
  3. Excellent! Now I am going to refresh my email every two seconds.....all day.
  4. I just received my rejection as well. But they felt I would be a strong candidate for their PharmD program, Master of Acupuncture, and Accelerated Nursing program. Super disappointing. 3.0 Overall 3.48 Science with last 60 being 3.66 447 PCE as EMT which is on the lower side, but I have incredible experience in my previous life that brings a lot to the table. Still waiting for interviews from my top two choices.
  5. Congratulations to those who have been accepted! Does anyone know how many have accepted spots and chosen this as their program? I know there is usually a Facebook group created for that class, but I don't see one yet.
  6. I am anxiously awaiting an invite from them as well. This is the school I want to go to. I am not the most competitive student, but I am well rounded and have tons of experience in various areas that others won't likely have. What I found odd was only 2 people in this group mentioned they received interview invites. Either there aren't a lot of members in this group or they sent out very few invites the first time around, which I guess would make sense if they are doing them in person and limiting the amount of people they bring on site to meet. Can anyone confirm how they are conducting inter
  7. I spoke with them last year during an info session and the reason they are on probation basically comes down to paperwork. Every school has to meet compliance standards so when they go on probation it's typically because of a paperwork issue. I guess you think of it like an audit, and something was missing or not up to par in the paperwork or the data, etc. It's not because of something egregious. Living in the area, and knowing people who have gone through the program, the education at JWU is excellent. So their probation status is not due to something bad, but schools have to follow those gu
  8. Yes, I did. They did receive my application and it is currently in the review process.
  9. Congrats to those who got accepted already. I am hoping I am in the next round of invites since this is my top choice school.
  10. Thanks. I just reached out. I know from some posts they were having difficulty with emailing confirmations, but I reached out.
  11. Thanks for starting the Worcester one! I submitted on June 26th and have not heard anything from the campus as far as confirmation/receipt of my application.
  12. Nothing yet! I keep checking my email over and over. I am dying to hear.
  13. I have not received anything from them either. I submitted back on June 26th and verified right away.
  14. Interviews went out around this time last year. I keep checking my email every two seconds just in case an invite appears!
  15. I don't have an answer for that because I didn't apply to the Boston program. You can only pick one and Worcester is closer and more convenient for my commute. I do not want to commute to Boston again! I did that for years for work. Boston is also 3 months longer so the tuition will be higher. But I didn't compare the tuition between them because Worcester is my choice out of the three campuses.
  16. For me, it is pretty local. I can commute there in 45 minutes or so. On top of that, the focus of the whole school is on medical professions so there is the opportunity to collaborate with students in other areas of medicine, which provides a great opportunity to learn how team-based medicine works. Additionally, for the Worcester campus, its location provides access to some great hospitals. The Boston campus is an additional 3 months, but there are so many great hospitals in Boston to do rotations at.
  17. Their website states they conduct interviews between Nov and May so we probably won't hear anything for a while.
  18. Thank you. I am just so disappointed. It's funny because I was rejected by them when I was applying to undergrad as well! I guess I am just not meant to attend Marist. But I wish you much luck in whichever program you choose.
  19. I feel like they didn't look at my application holistically because with a 3.12 overall GPA i know that's not the strongest, but my sGPA is 3.48, I have a master's with a 4.0, and my overall GPA when you eliminate my garbage undergrad career is a 3.65. Yes, my PCE is on the lower side but I am a career changer that has a lot of experience to bring to a program and the profession. My personal statement is strong, my LORs are strong from a PA, a professor, a clinical supervisor who is now a part of FEMA, and my current employer. Plus, I bring maturity and years of true leadership experience.
  20. Just received my rejection this morning. I applied the first week of June. They confirmed receipt of my application on June 10 and I received my rejection email this morning. Overall GPA: 3.12 sGPA: 3.44 PCE 428 and counting I am also older, hold a master's degree already, and changing careers.
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