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  1. I wish that I would have known how much of a mental drain that PA school would be. However, even if I had known, it wouldn't have stopped me from going to PA school. Just be prepared that you might feel a little burned out by the end of a semester or didactic year and that's ok. I just tell myself that this is the trade off of learning so much information in 27 months and keep my eyes on the PA-C prize and know that all this hardwork will lead to a rewarding career.
  2. The PA program at UT doesn't follow a system by system format. Instead, there are topics that keep coming up in your different classes so you constantly get a review throughout the didactic portion. Though frustrating during the spring semester b/c you have little medical knowledge, I personally prefer this way of learning things rather than learning all about one system of the body and then never revisiting anything related to the system. I would say that my classmates and I have become like a second family and always help each other. That being said, just like with your regular family, there are days when you want a break from some of the personalities of your fellow classmates. However, this is normal and is to be expected when you are with a group of people for many months and hours in the same classroom. I chose Toledo b/c they were the only program that actually accepted me (I had tried for three years to get into PA programs and since they were willing to take a chance on me that meant a lot) and they are relatively close to where I live now, so I can save money commuting. Hope that helps, and good luck choosing a program! The Toledo PA program is pretty good though, but I may be a little biased
  3. I would say that the best advice is to find a way of studying that works best for you and don't fall into the trap that you have to study until really late. For example, I commute ~1hr. each way and I have never studied past 9pm. I personally believe that more studying isn't better, better studying is better. Also, continue doing things that you enjoy doing outside of class such as working out, going outside, or taking the time to unwind at night to watch some TV. Somedays you are in class from 8-5 but most days, especially as you get further in the didactic portion, you are not. Also, don't worry about buying books, unless you like having a hard copy, because we have all of the books electronically. Hope that helps, let me know if you have more questions!
  4. Congrats to everyone that has gotten excepted! My name is Zach and I am a second-year student of the program who is just about done with the didactic portion of the program and will be heading out for rotations in February. If you have any questions about the program, ask away!
  5. Hey, I'm currently a first year in the PA program at UT. You probably aren't going to hear anything from this program until October-December. They do their interviewing very late when compared to most other programs. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. @sondrra Last year I believe roughly 1000 people applied, 200 interviewed, and 19 matriculated. The interview consisted of a group interview (we had to write an essay w/ a given prompt at the end of this interview) and two individual interviews w/ two faculty members involved w/ the PA program. That was last year though. Hopefully, that gives you an idea of what to expect.
  7. Hey guys, the university appealed and were granted probationary status. ARC-PA (the organization in charge of making sure PA programs are up to standard and granting programs accreditation) visited the program in November. We will hear their decision sometime in 2019. However as it stands now, the program is able to take in a class for 2019. I encourage you to apply if you are at all interested in this program!
  8. Hey guys, I'm a first-year student in the program this year. If you guys have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  9. Just wanted to let those that were accepted know that I received my letter of intent today. So be on the lookout!
  10. I haven't received the official intent slip yet either. I did create a facebook group though. If you search University of Toledo PA class of 2020 you should be able to join!
  11. Just wanted to let everyone on this thread know that I received a call at around 3:45pm today. I have happily accepted! Good luck to the rest of you!
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