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  1. Withdrew my acceptance today from Glenside to attend a program closer to home. hopefully this means someone gets a call soon Good luck!
  2. One of the current students who spoke at my interview was pulled from his wait list, so > 1. Best of luck!
  3. Hey everyone, Arcadia was my first acceptance to PA school and getting in was one of the best moments of my life. This is such an amazing program. With a heavy heart, I will be giving up my seat due to a constellation of factors. I was recently accepted to a program 10 minutes from my house that begins in less than 3 weeks. Given the state of the pandemic, my desire to be closer to my significant other, family, support system and save money, I will be accepting. The great news is that this will free up a spot for an incredibly deserving candidate at the Glenside campus You all truly deserve it and I’m so proud of everyone’s journey and the positive vibes in this forum. I really wish I had the opportunity to meet you all in person. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, in PA school and beyond!
  4. Has anyone heard back given today’s “final decision” deadline? Update: waitlisted!
  5. Is the NUMC extension program full? We were told that all final decisions would be made by December 1st, which is this upcoming Tuesday. Although my interview group on 9/14 was also told to expect a decision within 3 weeks
  6. Is this program still interviewing? Still awaiting a decision from 9/14, anyone else?
  7. Congratulations!!! Did you receive an email asking for campus preference? Interviewed the same day but never received the email. Wondering if that’s a hint not to be too hopeful
  8. At our interview 10/29 they mentioned there would be an interview in November. Good luck!
  9. Congratulations!! When was your call/interview? Celebrate my friend, well deserved!
  10. Congratulations! When did you interview and when were you accepted? Enjoy this moment my friend!
  11. Has anyone from the October 8th interview heard back yet? Thank you!
  12. It was really nice meeting everyone today, I wish the absolute best of luck to each and every one of you!!!
  13. Just received an interview for October 29th as well, truly ecstatic! I look forward to meeting everyone and best of luck
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