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  1. Prior SOF experience isn't required to be a PA in one of the Special Forces groups. It is very common for most of those positions to be filled by former 18 series guys that then went on to PA school, however, it is not disqualifying if you didn't earn your tab and beret before switching career fields. I will say, being a PA in group may not fulfill the medical fantasy that you have in your head. You might have some deployments that require you to operate independently and with little support where you get to practice medicine. You might not. You will not be "in charge" of the 18Ds. Getting them all in one room at the same time is nearly impossible. If you are a solid PA and have beneficial medical training that you can provide, you will find an audience with some of the medics (notice I said some). Since you are looking at going to the National Guard I can't speak to the opportunities that they have for PAs. On the active side there are other SOF jobs that allow you to practice medicine and lead as a PA that are more fulfilling, in my opinion, than being a PA in one of the SF groups. Good luck
  2. I'm a current IPAP student and I've just asked my senior service representative why PAs were excluded from the recall. I'm interested to hear his take on the issue. Even though I'm not in a current position to help during this crisis, to exclude qualified and experienced PAs is an insult to their service and professionalism. Edit for response: Word is that G1 made an oversight and that 65D (PA) are one of the professions that are eligible for recall. Quite the oversight by G1.
  3. 18D, six years in and just picked up for IPAP. Starting spring of next year. Not exactly ready to leave my current gig but excited to start this path. BS of Industrial Design, Auburn University ‘08 Finished prerequisites during the last couple of years. De Oppresso Liber
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