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  1. Congratulations! What date did you get offered a spot on the waitlist? I’m hoping I get pulled too
  2. Hey! What’s your email? I would love for you to look over my personal statement
  3. On Tuesday I got an email from them that said they have concluded their interview process for the fall 2020 class. I was offered a spot on their Waiting/Alternate list.
  4. You should call them before the day is over!! Essential staff has to still be on campus so maybe they will still hold interviews
  5. I doubt it! I live in NY and the just cancelled classes starting tomorrow - 18th. And they are moving classes online from the 19th until the rest of the semester. I'm wondering how this will affect future interviews
  6. I called them and they said they’ve sent out some rejection/acceptance. But no waitlist as of yet. So I guess there is still some hope
  7. I think they interview the whole month of March and you find out in April if you get in. From the previous forums it’s usually 2 interview sessions a week. But so far I’ve only seen one interview session offered so maybe they are switching things up
  8. Oh okay, I see what your saying. I would assume you could! I don't think you get locked. Lets hope the school agrees with us
  9. You have to live in NY for 12 months to be able to claim residency for in state tuition
  10. 20 more mins till 5pm and still nothing lol. Hopefully tomorrow is the day. I wonder if they are pushing back interviews? This time last year people heard something
  11. Has anyone got anything from them? Rejection? Waitlists? This process is killing me
  12. From looking at the forums for the past years it seems like they interview in March and acceptance go out in April
  13. Same here! I got an email on Sunday from them and my heart dropped. But they were just telling me to update my transcript cause my degree was pending when I submitted. Which was weird to me cause I swore the transcript I sent had my degree posted already
  14. 3.4 Science & Overall GPA 60 PA Shadowing Hours 984 Healthcare Experience Hours Over 3,000 Patient Care Experience Hours
  15. I interviewed that day too. They said we would hear back in 2-3 weeks if we got accepted. If we don’t get anything in 2-3 weeks then we’ll hear if we got accepted/rejected in Feb Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yes I will be there! Did you get a confirmation when you accepted?
  17. Congratulations to you too ! Will you be going to the meet and greet the day before?
  18. I just got an interview invite today at 4pm, for November 15th! So excited. Anyone else interviewing then?
  19. I couldn’t help myself so I called them and they said we should hear something before 5pm. Also they said that if any of the 120 people decline their interviews they will invite more to make sure they interview a total of 120.
  20. Good luck everyone. I hope we get good news. I’m so nervous for tomorrow!! I wonder what time they will send out invites.
  21. As long as you have a degree and you meet the schools pre reqs you can get accepted. BS/BA doesn’t matter
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