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  1. Doane or University of New England
  2. I was accepted but will be giving up my seat.
  3. I think I just got offered your seat! Thank you!! Omg
  4. No but this year they accepted more people then last year.
  5. Got waitlisted today. Hoping to hear good news soon
  6. Got waitlisted today. Hoping to hear good news soon
  7. I know some people have received acceptance that interviewed your day. Still waiting to hear back from them though. Fingers crossed
  8. I emailed them. Hopefully they get back to me soon.
  9. Anyone interviewing during the 8am session receive their schedule?
  10. Of course they will. They only had one interview sessions lol. Last year and the year before they had 4 interview sessions ( oct-Jan)
  11. I got that email on 9/23 and received an interview invite today. You invite might be coming soon they are interviewing until mid December.
  12. I got invited to interview today too but I didn’t receive date or time. They said they would send follow up email in a few weeks. Did you get the same email? Or did you receive a date? Quote Edit
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