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  1. Live and breathe The organic Chemistry Tutor on youtube. His videos are absolutely amazing and will teach you everything you need to know. After that, just do as many practice problems as you can.
  2. Good luck everyone! 2nd time applying, rejected after interviewing last cycle.
  3. Some people have already been accepted off the waitlist though? I would be interested to know about this too.
  4. Same here. Good luck to everyone and remember that if you have made it this far, you are a good enough applicant to get in somewhere!
  5. It looks like they try to accept around 27 students based off of their previous cohorts.
  6. Received an email today stating that the cycle has now been closed and all remaining interview sessions are full. Pretty bummed since I live so close to the campus and thought I had a pretty competitive application. best of luck to everyone interviewing this cycle, hopefully you hear some good news soon!
  7. Rejected. Quite surprised since I am a Utah resident, U of U alum, U of U health employee, LOR from UPAP alum, and a good mission fit in my mind. Best of luck to everyone on interviews!
  8. the majority of it is program introduction, the actual 1 on 2 is short.
  9. Just get some shadowing in and maybe some additional volunteering outside of a hospital and you will get some interviews next cycle.
  10. mine was also around 12 minutes which I thought was abnormally short since we didn't really get to touch on a whole lot.
  11. fwiw I received an interview invite email at 3pm on a Saturday.
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