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  1. Rejected. Quite surprised since I am a Utah resident, U of U alum, U of U health employee, LOR from UPAP alum, and a good mission fit in my mind. Best of luck to everyone on interviews!
  2. the majority of it is program introduction, the actual 1 on 2 is short.
  3. Just get some shadowing in and maybe some additional volunteering outside of a hospital and you will get some interviews next cycle.
  4. mine was also around 12 minutes which I thought was abnormally short since we didn't really get to touch on a whole lot.
  5. fwiw I received an interview invite email at 3pm on a Saturday.
  6. Can anyone shed some light on their interview process? is it MMI, group or more traditional 1-on-1?
  7. Rejected applied 5/20 cGPA 3.4, sGPA 3.25, 2,500 PCE, 350 volunteer, 100 shadow, 5,000 research
  8. Rejection letter in mail 7/14/20 first time applying, ORM, 3.4 cGPA, 2500 PCE, 350 volunteer, 5000 Research. I am not religious, but this school was in my hometown. Best of luck to everyone else this cycle!
  9. I uploaded one document with all course descriptions, but I think you are fine to do it separately as well.
  10. verified 5/15, CASPer 5/7. Good luck everyone!
  11. Verified 5/15, received an email reminding all applicants to send in CASPer scores, but that is about it so far.
  12. to get true patient care hours in terms of what schools will count as PCE, it will almost always a require a paid position with some sort of certification. To get some HCE you could volunteer at any local hospital or hospice. This is just one part of the application that doesn't really have a shortcut.
  13. outside of the practice test, there is not much else you can do. Just remember to stay relaxed, I would have a notebook and pen handy to write down your thoughts, and then type as quick as you can, spelling is not graded. Remember to clearly identify the main issue and take a stance, but it is important to provide insight for both sides of the argument. Just be a normal person and you will be fine. Ultimately I think it is a waste of time to make applicants take this test as it does not actually demonstrate anything since people have such a short amount of time to articulate their response.
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